Seismic vs Highspot vs Spekit vs Showpad [2024 Review]

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The Seismic vs Highspot vs Spekit vs Showpad functionality debate requires a review of all four platforms to understand which software offers the right blend of usability for sales and marketing teams, combined with intuitive and innovative sales enablement features. 

Almost 80% of organizations that use sales enablement software see up to 20% increase in sales. This is because the software drives productivity and consistent sales rep performance. These tools combine content management, contextual guidance, training, and advanced analytics to improve sales readiness. 

Before you use a particular sales enablement platform, you’ll have to ensure its product offerings align with your business structure and processes. But it's not that easy. With hundreds of sales enablement software solutions in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose just one. Every platform has its unique interface, features, and pricing. 

This article will compare four sales enablement platforms—Seismic, Highspot, Spekit, and Showpad—to help you find a platform that suits your needs. 

What are Seismic, Highspot, Spekit, and Showpad?

Seismic, Highspot, Spekit, and Showpad are sales enablement software solutions that allow businesses to scale their sales enablement efforts. Here are their product offerings:


Spekit is the AI-powered, next-gen sales enablement platform reimagined around the rep experience that delivers instant access to the content sales reps crave directly in the tools they use every day. With Spekit, your sales reps can effortlessly find, share, and track sales content with buyers without ever leaving their workflows. The platform centralizes and automatically surfaces the answers, content, and training sales reps need to thrive–in any tool or any process they're currently in.

Spekit’s no-code platform provides flexible training for sales teams, helps teams generate more revenue, and increases rep productivity. SendLane, for example, grew its sales team from 2 to 20 salespeople and generated up to $3.7m in the pipeline in just six months of using Spekit. 

The platform easily integrates with other sales enablements tech like Salesforce and HubSpot, and Enterprise SSO solutions like Okta, Azure, and OneLogin so businesses can enable their sales teams at every touchpoint. 

With Spekit, everything your sales reps need to thrive is automatically surfaced exactly when and where they need it.

Learn more on Spekit ->


Seismic is an enablement platform that provides cross-functional tools for customer-facing teams, along with training platforms, content, and insights. It's a sales content management (CMS) solution that offers destination where your sales content can be housed, sorted, and organized to help sellers engage and follow up with customers and prospects.

Seismic’s analytics show businesses how to improve sales effectiveness using data-driven insights and analytics. Its customer service solution lets businesses measure agent skills with NPS and CSAT analytics


Highspot is sales enablement software for sales reps to onboard and drive more pipeline. It enables businesses to build training programs for new hires. Its learning platform includes role-specific learning paths, Instructor-Led training, web conference integration, and learning analytics dashboards. 

Like Seismic, Highspot acts a sales content management destination, where your sales reps can navigate to and through to pull sales playbooks, case studies, white papers, and other sales content that can be shared with customers and prospects throughout the sales cycle. Sales teams can build sales microsites, make role-based content, and bundle insights on one platform. 


Showpad enablement operating system (eOS) provides solutions for businesses to build and execute sales enablement strategies. Organizations can create learning paths for sellers using pitch practice, self-guided training, and live training workshops. It also lets users measure metrics and gain insights into optimizing training programs. 

Showpad eOS integrates with enablement techs like Salesforce, Clari, and SalesLoft so sellers can collaborate across platforms.  


Seismic vs Highspot vs Spekit vs Showpad Key Features 

Each platform has unique features that are better suited to the type of sales enablement strategy you'd like to invest in. Check out their features at a high-level here:


Embed sales playbooks in any tool

  • Speks: Equip sales reps with bite-sized knowledge accessible wherever they work, exactly when they need it
  • SpekitAI: Automate content creation for faster sales and enablement
  • SmartSend: Create trackable sales content in any workflow
  • Sales Content Management: Enable sales reps to find, share, and track sales content with buyers effortlessly.
  • Knowledge Base: Build a one-stop shop for all the information your reps need to close more deals
  • Spotlights: Instantly notify sales reps of time-sensitive changes, new resources, and key announcements
  • Knowledge Checks: Track seller’s progress and improvement retention with simple but effective assessments
  • Flows: Guide sales rep through training sessions with fast, intelligent no code walkthroughs
  • Browser Extension: Easily embed playbooks, processes, and training in any application with Spekit’s Chrome extension so sellers can surface content anywhere
  • Analytics: Track overall sales performance and support content governance with advanced analytics 

Visit Spekit to learn more about its features ->


Seismic console

  • Sales Content Management: Enable sellers to find and share relevant content with prospects
  • Learning & Coaching: Create interactive sales training with role plays and video recordings
  • Buyer Engagement: Foster sales-ready relationships between sellers and buyers via social media
  • Content Automation: Create personalized content for buyers


Highspot learning

  • Analytics: Configurable reporting across all functionalities to help understand business outcomes
  • Enterprise-grade Security: Customize and configure compliance and security settings for individual content or an entire platform 
  • Buyer Engagement: Create personalized and interactive Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs)
  • Sales Coaching: Validate seller's performance using scorecards, meeting intelligence, and AI-powered coaching


showpad user insights

  • Onboarding: Scale and manage onboarding programs with automated learning paths, self-guided learning, and workshops
  • Analytics & Insights: Leverage seller productivity and content engagement insights to improve sales strategy
  • Seller Effectiveness: Guide sellers through their sales journey with in-context recommendations
  • Sales Content Management: Provide an accessible and secure location for all sales content 

Seismic vs Highspot vs Spekit vs Showpad Pros and Cons

This section highlights the pros and cons of using each platform based on user reviews from G2. 


Spekit G2 Overall Review Sentiment
Spekit G2 Overall Review Sentiment

With a 4.8/5 rating, it’s no surprise users describe Spekit as “the best sales enablement tool ever!” Spekit is known for its ease of use and its unobtrusive browser integration. Here’s what users love about Spekit:


  • Enables users to easily create and edit content both on the website and integrated platforms
  • Customizable notifications and spotlights 
  • Sales reps have access to any answer, resource, or content they need without ever leaving their workflows
  • The platform is easy to use and navigate 
  • Excellent search feature that provides in-context recommendations to sellers


  • If you're looking for a traditional CMS that acts as an outside destination, Spekit is not for you. It's fully integrated within your employee's day-to-day workflows.
  • If you're looking for a robust course authoring and LMS type solution, Spekit is not for you. The platform is designed around small, bite-sized, microlearning that's easily digestible at the point of need.

Learn more about Spekit here. 


Seismic G2 Review Sentiment
Seismic G2 Review Sentiment

Seismic has 4.7 stars on review sites. Most users mention its cross-functionality and centralized interface. However, Seismic seems to have a high learning curve. Let’s compare Seismic’s pros and cons:


  • Centralized platform for all sales content and resources
  • Users can upload and edit custom files 
  • Deal room functionality to organize content based on target personas
  • Supports multi-sharing of documents from a single platform 


  • Uploading custom files is slow 
  • Content search is more difficult than it needs to be 
  • Users are blocked by frustrating pop-ups when they try to log in 


Highspot G2 Review Sentiment
Highspot G2 Review Sentiment

Highspot has 4.7 stars on review sites, with core benefits of buyer engagement and flexibility. Some users mention that the platform does not support strong governance processes. Here are user reviews on Highspot:


  • Good customer support team 
  • Easy-to-navigate training pages
  • Lets users track emails sent to clients to see engagement 


  • The dashboard displays too much information at once, making it difficult to navigate 
  • Users cannot easily search for specific information or data 
  • App is not mobile-friendly 


Showpad G2 Review Sentiment
Showpad G2 Review Sentiment

Showpad has 4.6-star reviews for its focus on convenient customer communications. However, its limited search capability is a pain point. Showpad’s pros and cons comparison:


  • Easy-to-use software integrations 
  • User-friendly interface that anyone can navigate 
  • Access to relevant content due to its centralized platform 


  • The web app frequently glitches 
  • Users don’t have control over content recommendations 
  • Its homepage is decentralized, reducing accessibility 

Seismic vs Highspot vs Spekit vs Showpad Cost & Pricing Plans

Spekit Pricing 

Spekit offers a configurable pricing plan that’s based on the number of teams you want on the platform, the functionalities they need, and their use cases. Its pricing is designed to let you pay for only what you need and nothing more. 

With Spekit, sales teams see 80% higher ramp times, 70% increases in deal save rates, and 20% higher rep quota attainment.

Visit Spekit to learn more about its pricing 

Seismic Pricing 

Seismic runs a personalized pricing plan that depends on functionalities and features that customers need, but complete pricing isn’t available on its website. 

Highspot Pricing 

Highspot has a customizable range of pricing options. It calculates pricing based on the number of team members you have, with a breakdown of cost per user and functionalities you need. However, pricing isn’t available on its website.  

Showpad Pricing 

Showpad offers two pricing plans–Showpad Content and Showpad Coach. Showpad Content has three options: content management, guided selling, and customized integrations for sales processes. Showpad Coach covers skill-building training/coaching and certifications. 

Neither plan’s pricing is listed online. 

The Bottom Line on Seismic vs Highspot vs Spekit vs Showpad

If you’re looking to decide between Seismic, Highspot, Spekit, and Showpad, it is important to thoroughly check each platform’s user interface, features, pricing, and integration capabilities to decide which one best suits your needs. 

If you're looking for a sales enablement platform that:

  • Works anywhere sales reps work with embedded in-app enablement (no integration, no code required!) and an always-on Chrome extension to make accessing the content sales reps need seamless and effortless
  • Has the core CMS solution without complicated bells and whistles: Everything you need, nothing you don’t because unnecessary bells and whistles create complexity that diminish sales rep adoption and therefore the ROI of your content, and your CMS investment.
  • Consistently ranks as the easiest to use, fastest set up, and fastest time to ROI.
  • Built-in analytics reveal content engagement and usage allowing you to quickly identify what's working and uncover any opportunities.

Spekit puts the power to be successful into the hands of your team by instantly delivering the resources they need where they’re working and empowers leaders to identify knowledge gaps and rapidly drive improvements.

If you’re looking for a platform that covers everything your sellers need—real-time enablement, AI-fueled content creation, onboarding, training, in-context recommendations, trackable content, out-of-the-box sales templates, and more, try Spekit. 

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