11+ Highspot Competitors & Alternatives [2024]

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According to research, 26% of teams that use sales enablement software or tools close more deals than those that don’t. With these platforms, you can manage sales content, use value selling tools, see content engagement analytics, train teams, and much more!  

One common enablement platform is Highspot. However, some current Highspot users and companies doing thorough research on sales enablement tools are looking for Highspot competitors that offer flexible customization options, provide enablement analytics, and are easy to use. 

Well, this Highspot alternatives review is here to help! Highspot compares to its competitors so that you can make an informed decision and master sales enablement.  

What type of company is Highspot?

Highspot offers AI-enabled sales solutions across various industries, including manufacturing, life sciences, financial services, and technology. 

Highspot combined generative AI, analytics, integrations, and security and compliance to create a sales enablement platform focused on streamlining operations for businesses.  It is best for managing sales content and onboarding or training sales reps.

Highspot provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for businesses that want to build sales enablement experiences on web and mobile platforms. Their software allows businesses to focus on selling their product or service while leveraging simple, built-in user administration and content management. Their solutions are beneficial to sales, marketing, and customer support teams, helping them engage in important buyer conversations and reach their revenue goals.

Highspot Review

We’ll start with a quick review of Highspot before diving into some of the platform’s competitors. 

highspot platform

Its content management tool enables users to create a single content repository for accessing sales content and monitoring content engagement. While its AI sales training and coaching platform offers personalized learning, analytics, and course creation. 

Highspot also integrates with other CRM and productivity platforms like Salesforce, Slack, Google, and Microsoft Teams. 

Highspot Features 

Highspot offers four main features.

highspot content engagement
  • Pitching: Integrate with an existing email system or use email templates to send sales content to customers and monitor engagement  
  • Content creation & management: Publish, organize, and update content 
  • Analytics: Measure the usage and effectiveness of sales content, training, and sales strategy 
  • Training & onboarding: Create instructor-led and self-paced courses through various mediums with offline and online learning options 

Highspot Pricing

Pricing details aren’t available on Highspot’s website. You need to contact Highspot to request a demo.

Why Would You Need a Highspot Alternative

Here are reasons why you would need to check out other platforms before choosing Highspot: 

Ease of Use

Sales reps report that learning how to use confusing sales enablement software can be just as difficult as learning the product they’re selling.  Regardless of how robust a platform’s features and functionality are–you don’t want to make your team spend months learning how to use a product that’s supposed to be improving your productivity…not slowing you down. 

While Highspot has robust functionality,  some users on G2 report that it has a “clunky UI,” “complicated user organization,” and “a steep learning curve.” These reviews show that Highspot might not be user-friendly for new users. 

Customization Opportunities

The best sales enablement platforms offer tools that can be customized to fit the sales methodologies your teams love and your customers need. Platform customization opportunities make it easier for each team member to learn what they need when they need it. 

When it comes to Highspot, some reviews say the platform has limited layout and reporting customization capabilities. Highspot’s lack of customization in some tools might make it difficult for your brand persona to shine through–or for your teams to adopt it. 

In-depth Analytics

Sales content analytics help provide insight into what sales collateral your sales reps are engaging with and how they’re engaging with it. Without it, you don’t know what type of content is effective and useful–and which content you should stop putting your resources into. 

A sales enablement platform should have a robust analytics tool that enables you to track and measure the performance of your sales assets. On G2, Highspot is reported to have powerful analytics however, some users say its analytics tool “cannot be integrated into other platforms” and that it is difficult to use. 

So while offering analytics is great, those analytics should be accessible, actionable, and helpful. 

Best Highspot Competitors 

While Highspot can be a helpful platform, its limited analytics, and customization are leaving users on the search for the best Highspot alternatives.

Let’s take a look at some here: 

1. Spekit

spekit highspot competitor logo

Best for: Just-in-time sales enablement for industries in financial services, insurance, pharma, healthcare services, higher education, established technology companies, retail, and more

Spekit is a just-in-time enablement platform designed to optimize the processes of revenue teams. This solution enables businesses to empower sales teams with sales playbooks, templates,  and training they need to turn every rep into a top performer.  

Spekit goes beyond just empowering teams with content. Users can also create bite-sized self-guided training materials, videos, and sessions to help with employee development. Its learning platform uses reinforcement learning methods to ensure your teams retain knowledge.

spekit learning

Spekit offers usage guidance into platforms like Salesforce, Clari, Outreach, and Hubspot. It provides customizable features that help users create personalized experiences for customers. 

It provides access to a single source of content and enables revenue teams to search for whatever they need without having to leave the platform they’re working on. Spekit lets you prove the value of your enablement strategies through in-built analytics and data visualizations that help you identify areas of improvement.

Spekit features

Key Features

  • Knowledge Base: A single centralized content repository for creating, managing, and delivering sales content to the right people at the right time 
  • Enablement Analytics: Real-time analytics to measure the effectiveness of sales content, training, and strategy
  • Speks: Speks equip employees with bite-sized learning embedded directly into the app or platform they’re working in — exactly when they need it
  • Knowledge Checks: Bite-sized quizzes to measure the effectiveness of training content 
  • Contextual Training Content: Training materials that simulate real-world situations and support reinforcement learning 
  • Spotlights: Communicate important announcements and send reminders on tasks to be completed 
  • SpekitAI: An AI-powered assistant that automates content creation, summarizing, and translation 

Spekit offers customizable pricing packages based on your organization's need, size, and use case. With Spekit, sales teams see 80% higher ramp times, 70% increases in deal save rates, and 20% higher rep quota attainment.

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2. Bigtincan

Bigtincan logo

Best for: Small businesses and enabling customer-facing teams 

Bigtincan is a sales enablement solution designed especially for small businesses. It enables users to onboard teams, prepare and upskill customer-facing teams to engage with clients and foster collaboration between marketing and sales teams. 

Bigtincan integrates with user tech stack and platforms like Zoom, Hubspot, and Adobe Acrobat. It also supports gamification and channel partnerships. 

bigtincan competitor platform

Key Features

  • Personalized AI sales assistant 
  • Conversation intelligence tool to detect and set tone during conversations
  • Automate sales collateral and measure content performance 
  • Build instructor-led or self-paced courses 

3. Showpad

showpad highspot competitor logo

Best for: Sales content management and buyer engagement 

Showpad is a sales enablement software designed for marketing and sales teams. It enables users to provide training to these teams and create sales assets needed to engage buyers. Showpad has a centralized platform for content and sales tools and a digital app with features like 360 showrooms, 3D modeling, and shared spaces designed for collaboration between sellers and buyers. 

It also has an open API and pre-configured integrations with platforms like Outlook, Google Drive, and Outreach.

showpad highspot competitor platform

Key Features

  • Centralized sales asset management and distribution
  • Bite-sized learning, interactive courses, and real-time learning leaderboards 
  • Personalized video recording tool for creating customer videos 
  • Open API and SDK for integration with CRMs and marketing automation systems

4. SalesLoft

SalesLoft highspot competitor logo

Best for: Managing revenue workflow 

SalesLoft is an AI-powered revenue workflow platform that enables marketing teams to create consistent processes, reduce costs, and increase revenue. This platform focuses on the customer lifecycle and offers tools like lead management and sales call tracking software. 

It also offers courses and certifications for sales teams and allows users to build their own solutions using customizable APIs and coding guides. 

salesloft highspot alternative platform

Key Features

  • Pipeline tool for building and nurturing sales pipeline 
  • Create and automatically sync call logs with a CRM
  • Sales dashboard for tracking and measuring key metrics 
  • Utilizes AI and human insights to forecast sales numbers

5. Seismic

Seismic logo

Best for: Driving collaboration between sales reps and buyers 

Seismic is designed to enable sales reps to collaborate with buyers, marketing teams to create sales content, and customer service teams to deliver sales content and engage with buyers better. Its sales enablement platform can be integrated with Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft. 

Seismic helps users form an enablement strategy, audit sales content, and create impact reports.

highspot alternative seismic analytic page

Key Features

  • Data-based insights for measuring training, engagement, and content impact 
  • Content automation tool for creating customized content for clients 
  • Train teams with simulations, roleplays, and video recordings 
  • In-app search and in-context recommendations for sales content

6. Mindtickle

mindtickle logo

Best for: Building a simple revenue enablement tech stack 

Mindtickle is a revenue productivity platform created for sales, revenue, and operations leaders. It enables users to onboard sales teams, train new sales reps, and facilitate manager-led coaching. It lets users create partner enablement channels and certify partner organizations. 

Mindtickle also has hybrid integration capabilities. It offers its own in-platform integration service and an iPaaS (integration platform as a service).

Mindtickle page

Key Features

  • Digital sales rooms for engaging buyers
  • Hybrid integration capabilities 
  • Sales readiness index to design the ideal rep profile 
  • Analytics and dashboards to assess sales reps' performance

7. Outreach.io

Outreach logo

Best for: Sales teams looking to leverage AI for sales execution 

Outreach.io offers AI and machine learning solutions that help sellers, sales leaders, front-line managers, and operation teams close the deal in their sales pipeline. It enables users to manage user profiles, teams, and workflows and provides a platform to connect to apps like AWS Marketplace and Demandbase. 

Outreach also has a “university” where teams can acquire new skills and certifications.

Outreach platform

Key Features

  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • AI-generated deal insights 
  • Create and share custom action plans with buyers 
  • Customer success tool for customer engagement and management

8. Guru

Guru logo

Best for:  Companies looking to set up AI enterprise search, intranet, and wiki 

Guru is an enablement platform that offers enterprises a centralized solution for setting up enterprise search, intranet, and wiki. It enables access and capture of information from integrated platforms like Slack and Teams, automatically cleans up their knowledge base, and generates answers to complex questions from existing documents.

Guru allows users to embed docs, spreadsheets, videos, and other content formats directly into the Guru platform.

Guru platform

Key Features

  • AI-powered content suggestions 
  • Design organizational charts and employee profiles 
  • 40+ HRIS integration for managing employee data and assigning roles 
  • Personalized user dashboards and content recommendations

9. Mediafly

mediafly highspot competitor logo

Best for: B2B revenue enablement 

Mediafly is a revenue enablement solution designed for companies in the B2B space. It allows teams across industries to build their business case and quantify value using customized ROI and impact reports. Mediafly’s Revenue360 platform helps users reduce their tech stack's cost and offers guides to sales tech stack consolidation. 

The platform also supports value selling, enabling B2B companies to create value-based customer conversations.

mediafly analytics

Key Features

  • Record, translate, and analyze sales calls 
  • Full funnel analytics for assessing sales enablement strategies 
  • Multi-device data visualization 
  • AI-based live forecasting for sales pipeline, segments, and product lines

10. Allego

allego highspot competitor logo

Best for: Training sales enablement teams

Allego is a sales enablement platform that helps enterprises provide onboarding, training, and upskilling to hybrid sales teams. The platform also allows users to leverage AI for various revenue enablement objectives including launching products and processes, activating channel sellers, creating digital buyer experiences, and conversation intelligence. 

Allego’s enablement AI supports generative AI-powered interactions between teams and buyers across video, voice, and mobile.

Allego platform

Key Features

  • GenAI transcription and translation into various languages
  • Language detection and transcription tool for live calls 
  • Skill mapping and proficiency heatmaps to assess training knowledge retention
  • Virtual prospecting and selling

11. ClearSlide

clearslide highspot competitor logo

Best for: Sales content management 

ClearSlide is a Bigtincan company that offers a sales and marketing content hub for creating sales assets and recommending sales content to reps during the sales process. It has a guided selling tool that directs sellers to needed content at a CRM stage.

 ClearSlide also has a mobile app with full access to all web app tools like the content library, CRM, and an integrated mail server.  The platform can be embedded into Slack, Salesforce, and Gong.

clearside page

Key Features

  • Automated email tracking and campaigns
  • Pre-built template for sales content creation 
  • Email platform integration, email categorization, email scheduling
  • Autolog data to CRM

Choose the best Highspot competitor

There are various sales enablement tools available in the market, but not all have the features and functionality you’ll need to design an effective sales enablement strategy. Some software will be easy to use but may lack other important capabilities.

Now that you have an idea of sales enablement platforms that are alternatives to Highspot, you can do more research and choose a platform that aligns with your goals and can seamlessly be integrated into your sales, marketing, and customer support processes. 

If you’re looking for a platform that’s easy to use with robust customization and analytics functionality, try Spekit. Spekit’s centralized solution has everything you need to enable your teams, from a knowledge base to a customer-facing team training platform and analytics that helps you measure the effectiveness of your efforts. 

Join the ranks of successful sales teams and experience the transformative power of Spekit. 

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