20 Best Salesforce Integrations of 2024

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Most sales reps are spending only 28% of their week actually selling, bogged down by other tasks like lead management and data entry. This report also found that 66% of reps are overwhelmed by too many tools—using an average of 10 tools to close deals. 

Salesforce integrations can help. How? Salesforce, a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software  provides your teams—sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT—with a centralized knowledge base to organize and manage your company’s customer-related intel. 

Thousands of Salesforce tools and integrations are available, allowing you to streamline and optimize your sales pipeline stages with ease. These integrations include automation tools that can reduce the time and resources spent on repetitive tasks and processes.

This article explores the Salesforce integrations that can help your teams ramp faster and take your collective success to a whole new level.

What is a Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce integrations are a way of connecting the CRM software to third-party applications so your teams can merge customer and other business data across all the tools they use. 

Each tool you integrate adds another layer of functionality unique to the improvements you want to make to your workflows. Best of all, your teams will be able to work almost exclusively from the Salesforce platform, unifying your processes and boosting productivity.

Best Salesforce Integrations

Ready to streamline and optimize your company’s processes? These are the best Salesforce integrations for developers to consider.

1. Spekit

Salesforce Integration Type: Sales training and revenue enablement


Spekit is an AI-powered just-in-time learning platform that equips revenue teams with the resources they need to maximize results, while simultaneously driving Salesforce adoption and process adherence. This sales enablement software provides contextual, bite-sized content and training materials exactly when and where your teams need it, including on-demand playbooks and battlecards to help them close deals.

Not only will you be able to onboard new sales reps in half the time, but you can keep veteran team members on the ball with in-app alerts and guidance exactly when and where important workflow updates have taken place. 

With Spekit, training doesn’t have an end date.

Key features

  • Real-time, AI-powered content recommendations to accelerate sales
  • Generate content for playbooks and sales scripts instantly with Spekit AI
  • Summarize lengthy SOPs with one click using AI content summarization
  • Automatically embed your training and collateral directly into Salesforce
  • Surface the information your teams need exactly when they need it
  • Auto-sync all updates and notify teams in real-time without disrupting workflows
  • Guide teams through changes with ease using flows
  • Create customized templates in minutes for CPQ, Salesforce Lightning, and more
  • Enhance sales reps’ retention rates with short in-app quizzes

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2. ActiveCampaign

Salesforce Integration Type: Marketing campaign management


ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that syncs up with your Salesforce data, allowing you to qualify leads, create personalized email marketing campaigns, automate sales funnels, and assign prospects to the right reps—all from within the Salesforce dashboard.

Key features

  • Sync leads and contacts between both platforms
  • Automate lead nurturing
  • Qualify leads with custom automated scoring
  • Trigger follow-up campaign emails
  • Notify the right team members at the right time


  • Starter: from $20/month
  • Plus: from $66/month
  • Professional: from $107/month

Enterprise: from $196/month

3. Adobe Sign

Salesforce Integration Type: eSignature collection


When you integrate Adobe Sign with Salesforce, you can create workflows for document management that are as seamless as they are secure. Use the cloud-based e-signature service to send, sign, manage, and archive documents electronically. You can also track and integrate agreements into your emails and Salesforce CPQ.

Key features

  • Pre-populate sales documents in just a few clicks
  • Send documents for signature and track their status within Salesforce
  • Automatically update Salesforce records once documents are signed


  • Standard: from $14.99/month
  • Pro: from $23.99/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing available upon request

4. Ambition

Salesforce Integration Type: Sales analytics, coaching, and gamification


Ambition is the best Salesforce setup for companies looking to gamify the sales process and turn day-to-day tasks into optimized selling behaviors. The sales coaching software allows you to automate individual goals and benchmarking, track activities, and receive issue detection alerts, making your Salesforce data both actionable and coachable.

Key features

  • Automate and gamify sales activity tracking
  • Embed sales scorecards into Salesforce
  • Compare, coach, and improve sales outcomes

Pricing: $750/team/month (based on a 30-seat average and calculated per user per month, on annual and multi-year contracts)

5. Asana

Salesforce Integration Type: Project management


Asana is a project management platform that breaks down data silos and increases efficiency by giving teams a central location to work together. It enables you to create projects, assign work to teammates, prioritize and track tasks, define deadlines, and request information from other departments with ease.

Key features

  • Trigger the creation of tasks and projects that correspond to your sales cycle stages
  • Surface important information quickly with multiple project views
  • Measure time spent on tasks to improve forecasting and budgeting
  • Automatically link deal progress to goals and measure campaign successes


  • Starter: from $10.99/user/month
  • Advanced: from $24.99/user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing available upon request
  • Enterprise+: Custom pricing available upon request

6. Cirrus Insight

Salesforce Integration Type: Email, calendar, and task syncing


Cirrus Insight is an email tracking solution that monitors your inbox and syncs emails to the appropriate contact or lead in Salesforce. Calendar events, tasks, and workflows are also automatically synced, freeing your teams from CRM friction and ensuring there aren’t any gaps in communication with your customers.

Key features

  • Monitor inboxes and automatically sync emails to appropriate contacts or leads
  • Get email thread continuity, even when there are multiple owners involved
  • Automate scheduling with bi-directional sync for calendar events
  • Automatically sync tasks and workflows to Salesforce and never miss a follow-up


  • Salesforce Sync: $14/user/month
  • Pro: $21/user/month
  • Expert: $49/user/month

7. Dataloader.io

Salesforce Integration Type: Data importing


Dataloader.io is one of the best Salesforce integrations for importing, exporting, and deleting data within Salesforce. It’s a simple, 100% cloud-based solution that allows you to schedule regular data imports and exports, map fields visually, prevent duplicates, and automate tasks.

Key features

  • Mass import, export, and delete unlimited amounts of data
  • Build load templates and customize load parameters
  • Find and map fields quickly with auto-mapping, keyboard shortcuts, and search filters
  • Schedule regular data imports/exports


  • Free
  • Professional: $99/user/month
  • Enterprise: $299/user/month

8. Demandbase

Salesforce Integration Type: Account-based management


Demandbase is an account-based management solution that syncs with your customer data to help you find and engage the accounts most likely to purchase. See full-funnel data, including where your accounts are in a sales cycle and how they’re contributing to revenue, and receive account-targeting insights specific to each prospect.

Key features

  • Set user roles and permissions
  • Access account and people insights directly within Salesforce
  • Track engagement across all sources
  • Utilize predictive scores to prioritize accounts

Pricing: Custom pricing available upon request

9. HubSpot

Salesforce Integration Type: Marketing-centric CRM


The Hubspot platform is a marketing-centric CRM that, when integrated with Salesforce, sends valuable lead intelligence to your sales team, such as email opens, form submissions, and website activity, so they can prioritize outreach and save time. And with bi-directional syncing, your marketing team can secure the business data needed to deliver personalized experiences that encourage further customer engagement and loyalty.

Key features

  • Enable seamless collaboration between your marketing and sales teams
  • Distribute new leads to sales reps and track their status
  • Automate workflows by syncing custom objects, tickets, and more
  • Track revenue from deals and campaigns


  • Free
  • Starter: from $15/seat/month
  • Professional: from $800/month (includes 3 seats; additional seats start at $45/month)
  • Enterprise: from $3,600/month (includes 5 seats; additional seats start at $75/month)

10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Salesforce Integration Type: Lead generation


The LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce streamlines the lead generation process by allowing you to search profiles and current roles, request connections, and track conversations with prospects within your Salesforce workflow. It’s the best Salesforce setup for accessing up-to-date LinkedIn insights, including tailored lead and account recommendations.

Key features

  • Find new leads with lead recommendations feature
  • Send InMail messages and connection requests within Salesforce
  • Get account and lead updates, including job changes and news mentions


  • Core: $99/month
  • Advanced: $149/month
  • Advanced Plus: Custom pricing available upon request

11. Mailchimp

Salesforce Integration Type: Email marketing and automation


Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that, when integrated with Salesforce, helps you to better engage with your customer base. Use Mailchimp subscribers as Salesforce leads, target those leads with specialized email campaigns, and build segments in your Mailchimp list. You can also sync subscribers between both platforms.

Key features

  • Manage Mailchimp subscribers and analytics within Salesforce
  • Segment your leads and contacts using Salesforce data
  • Track campaign metrics directly within Salesforce


  • Free
  • Essentials: starting at $13/month
  • Standard: starting at $20/month
  • Premium: starting at $350/month

12. Marketo

Salesforce Integration Type: Lead optimization


With Marketo, a lead optimization solution, you can meet your customers wherever they are. It gives you a holistic overview of the entire customer journey, helping your teams streamline lead management and nurturing with features like advanced analytics, lead scoring, and personalized marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Key features

  • Nurture leads and prospects across all channels
  • Use AI algorithms to analyze customer data and personalize user experiences
  • Scale chatbot responses with generative AI to increase engagements and conversions
  • Turn landing pages into booked meetings faster with the embedded meeting scheduler

Pricing: Custom pricing available upon request

13. RingLead

Salesforce Integration Type: Data optimization


RingLead is a cloud-based data cleansing solution for Salesforce that can help you remove duplicate records while preventing future duplications from any entry point, including lists, web forms, and manual entries. It also allows you to build customizable routing workflows so incoming leads and contacts can be assigned to the right teams.

Key features

  • Remove existing duplicates and prevent them in the future
  • Create ideal customer profiles with first-party data
  • Automatically route every lead to the right owner

Pricing: Starts at $1,600/month

14. Slack

Salesforce Integration Type: Internal communication and collaboration


Slack is a team collaboration platform that allows for real-time messaging and file sharing. By integrating Slack with Salesforce, your teams will be able to share Salesforce records, leads, and opportunities as direct messages, or directly into Slack channels. This can help your teams collaborate more efficiently, increasing productivity and optimizing outcomes.

Key features

  • Collaborate with all teams via real-time messages, file sharing, and updates
  • Receive alerts for new leads, customer care issues, or upcoming meetings
  • Automate routine tasks with generative AI


  • Free
  • Pro: $8.75/user/month
  • Business: $15/user/month
  • Enterprise Grid: Custom pricing available upon request

15. SMS-Magic

Salesforce Integration Type: Multi-channel messaging


One of the best Salesforce integrations for developers to deepen customer engagement is SMS-Magic, a tool that enables you to set up and send hyper-personalized messaging campaigns across multiple channels, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It also includes analytics and dashboards you can use to assess the success of your efforts.

Key features

  • Reach your audience through text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more
  • Ensure compliant messaging
  • Send marketing blasts, drip campaigns, and surveys
  • Integrate AI-assisted messaging


  • SMS Automation: $7/user/month
  • SMS Conversational Messaging: $17/user/month
  • Multi-channel Messaging: $32/user/month


Salesforce Integration Type: Field sales engagement


SPOTIO is a field sales engagement solution that gives mobile sales reps the real-time data they need to make informed decisions on the fly and continually improve field sales performance. When integrated with Salesforce, it enables teams to be more productive, thanks to features like auto-logging, multi-channel activity tracking, and templates for emails, calls, and texts.

Key features

  • Track live sales activity and feed it to your system of record
  • Sync critical data seamlessly between platforms
  • Create activities in SPOTIO and turn them into Salesforce tasks
  • Use auto-logging to automate redundant tasks


  • Team: $39/user/month
  • Business: $69/user/month
  • Pro: $129/user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing available upon request

17. Stripe

Salesforce Integration Type: Synchronized payment processing


If you’re looking for the best Salesforce setup for synchronizing payment and customer data, Stripe is a leading online payment processing platform that can be integrated with Salesforce. Once integrated, you’ll be able to access payment and order histories and use them to engage customers effectively, including offering exclusive deals and managing subscriptions based on user activities.

Key features

  • Link Stripe payments to Salesforce records
  • Embed financial workflows in Salesforce
  • Receive real-time updates in Salesforce for Stripe transactions
  • Automatically create Stripe subscriptions from Salesforce
  • Track customer behavior and purchases
  • Enable customer service reps to check payment statuses, offer refunds, validate coupons, and more

Pricing: Pay-as-you-go, with rates starting at 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction

18. Tenfold

Salesforce Integration Type: Outbound call optimization


Tenfold is a cloud-based Salesforce integration for optimizing outbound calls, and as a result, building better customer relationships. It provides reps with many tools to optimize conversations, such as giving them access to full customer and prospect information at the point of interaction, script pop-ups, and real-time transcription. Conversations can also be analyzed to enable effective strategy decisions.

Key features

  • Provide click-to-dial capabilities and script pop-ups
  • Give reps access to full customer and prospect information at the point of interaction
  • Automatically capture customer and analytic data
  • Reduce average handle time

Pricing: Custom pricing available upon request (plans are priced on a per user, per month structure)

19. Userpilot

Salesforce Integration Type: In-app customer onboarding and engagement


Userpilot is a product growth platform that offers in-app user onboarding and customer engagement. It allows teams to analyze user behavior inside the app, and in combination with attribution data from Salesforce, use that intel to guide in-app marketing efforts and personalize customer experiences.

Key features

  • Create in-app experiences to drive user engagement
  • Connect with existing customers based on NPS scores
  • Leverage advanced analytics to segment users more accurately
  • Trigger emails from Salesforce based on interactions with Userpilot content


  • Starter: from $249/month
  • Growth: from $749/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing available upon request

20. ZoomInfo

Salesforce Integration Type: Lead enrichment


ZoomInfo is a market intelligence tool that helps sales and marketing teams reach the right people and companies faster. When integrated with Salesforce, you can source enriched data profiles on your prospects quickly and efficiently, including detailed profiles, email addresses, direct dials, and more. This also ensures your Salesforce customer data never gets stale.

Key features

  • Import ZoomInfo’s B2B data into your Salesforce accounts, leads, and contacts
  • Export Salesforce records to ZoomInfo for enrichment and analysis
  • Build and save targeted account and contact lists and prioritize them
  • Refine searches based on over 200 data points
  • Send automated alerts to sales reps about their accounts

Pricing: Custom pricing available upon request

More About Salesforce Integration

Want to learn more about Salesforce integrations for developers? Look no further.

Does Salesforce integrate with other apps?

Yes, Salesforce integrates with many popular apps—some of which may already be in your workflow. The integrations available span all industries, departments, and business use cases, such as Spekit for sales enablement, Asana for project management, and Slack for internal communications. 

You can search the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace for the best Salesforce integrations to meet your specific business goals.

How many integrations does Salesforce have?

Salesforce currently has over 5,000 integrations available through its AppExchange marketplace. All integrations have been vetted and security reviewed by Salesforce before being added to the marketplace.

To hone in on which of the best Salesforce integrations for developers are right for your business, Salesforce offers curated app guides, organized by industry-specific pain points.

What is the best use for Salesforce?

The Salesforce CRM platform is all about giving your teams one centralized location to store, track, and manage customer information, breaking down the silos between departments. This next-level synergy allows your teams to seamlessly work together and build a strong, loyal customer base.

Use the Best Salesforce Integration

With thousands of Salesforce integrations for developers to choose from, you’re sure to find the right tech stack to streamline workflows, manage data, and improve productivity. But making sure your teams are able to adjust to each new iteration with ease can be a challenge, and is why Spekit is the best Salesforce integration available to streamline this ongoing learning curve.

What sets Spekit apart as a sales enablement and content management tool is that it supports just-in-time learning in the flow of work, allowing your customer-facing teams to master the Salesforce platform without having to leave the app. (And it only takes one click to integrate Spekit into your Salesforce platform!)

Spekit also leverages the power of AI to surface the most relevant content in Salesforce, based on the context of sales interactions. Your reps will be equipped with the exact information and training they need right in Salesforce—no more jumping between apps and other disruptions that can stall revenue growth.

Plus, with Spekit’s array of other features, including its contextual knowledge base, AI content creation and summarization, and SmartSend technologies, you get one unified platform that centralizes your sales content and makes it universally accessible, shareable, and impactful–from anywhere.

Schedule a demo with Speki

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