18+ Best Sales Enablement Platforms & Apps [2024]

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Sales enablement software offers diverse solutions to meet your business’s enablement needs. Whether it’s AI-driven insights, rapid content authoring, workflow automation, integration capabilities, etc., the best sales enablement platforms and apps are built with everything you need to enable your sales team to smash their goals. 

With sales enablement software, you can achieve cross-functional collaboration between your sales team and other customer-facing teams like marketing and customer support.  According to research,  78% of aligned sales and marketing teams have integrated sales enablement software to foster collaboration.

While there are lots of sales enablement software available, not all have the functionalities you need. This article lists the best sales enablement software in the market, important features to look out for, and how to choose one that meets your business needs. 

What is Sales Enablement? 

Sales enablement is integral to a business’s overall sales readiness program. It’s a continuous strategy that ensures sales teams have all the resources, training, tech, and collaborative tools needed to sell effectively. It focuses on providing visibility around the sales cycle so sales teams understand customers better and can give them the best experience.  

What Are Sales Enablement Platforms? 

Sales enablement platforms are multi-capability software solutions built to streamline sales enablement strategies and implementation. These platforms are a single source of truth for managing sales content, training and coaching sales reps, engaging buyers, and accessing analytics that provide insights on effective aspects of the strategy so that they can be improved. 

According to research, 65% of sales leaders who prioritized the usage of sales enablement platforms overshot their revenue targets. Sales enablement is an iterative process that can become difficult to manage as a business grows, but with an enablement platform, you can manage, track, and continuously improve your sales enablement strategy.

Best Sales Enablement Platforms & Apps

These are the best sales enablement platforms and apps to choose from:

1. Spekit

Spekit is the leading sales enablement software built to meet the needs of today's fast-paced sales teams. The platform solves for sales content management, knowledge and enablement, change management, employee onboarding & training, and more. It’s the only enablement platform that centralizes and automatically surfaces the answers, content, and training reps need to thrive in any tool and workflow. 

Unlike other sales enablement software, Spekit reimagines enablement for sales reps and is designed to give sales reps a seamless selling experience. Through automated sales content management, Spekit allows reps direct and quick access to the sales materials needed to engage buyers. With its knowledge and enablement platform, sales reps no longer have to spend hours searching for information. Enablement teams can surface the exact playbooks, processes, sales content, messaging, and collateral sales reps need to close pipeline - exactly when and where they're needed.

When the content sales reps need is not readily available, SpekitAI enables you to whip up content within minutes. It is powered by generative artificial intelligence and is a content assistant for creating playbooks, tool training, SOPs, persona guides, and objection-handling documents.  With SpekitAI, your sales content practically writes itself!

Spekit’s robust native integrations extend beyond applications available in Chrome, enabling users to connect to CRMs, enterprise SSOs, and other sales productivity and communication tools. Businesses that use Spekit can boast of achieving 20% higher quota attainment, 69% more time spent on selling, and 30% faster ramp time. 

Key Features:

  • Browser extension: Embed and surface resources for sales reps across any tool using the Chrome extension
  • Speks: Use Speks to create easily digestible sales content, training, and guides that reps can access in their workflow. 
  • SpekitAI: Achieve rapid content authoring, summarize lengthy documents, and translate sales content into multiple languages with Spekit AI
  • SmartSend: With SmartSend, you can track buyer’s engagement with sales content using unique shareable links that alert sellers when a buyer engages with content
  • Knowledge base: Maintain a centralized content repository that houses everything reps need to close deals with Spekit knowledge base
  • Spotlights: Alert reps of new sales or training content and time-sensitive updates using in-app alerts and announcements
  • Knowledge checks: Assess the retention rates and effectiveness of sales training/coaching with short in-depth quizzes

Integrations: Install the Chrome Extension and watch as Spekit automatically works across any tool your team is using in Chrome. For deeper connections, check out their native integrations to Salesforce, Slack, Seismic, Outlooks, Azure, Pingone, Okta, OneLogin, and more. 

Visit Spekit to learn more 

2. Hubspot

Hubspot enablement platform is designed to bring sales, marketing, and customer service software under a single customer platform. It connects each team's software to one CRM database, giving teams unified insights into the customer journey. It also gives users the tools to create and customize websites from scratch, that are accessible on all devices both offline and online.


Key Features:

  • AI website builder
  • Sales engagement tools
  • CPQ capabilities
  • Reporting and analytics

Integrations: Gmail, Outlook, Zapier, Zoom, Slack

3. Salesforce Sales Programs

Salesforce Sales Programs is an enablement platform designed to help sales reps by equipping them with AI-powered coaching, knowledge, and resources. It offers a guidance center where reps can surface whatever resource they need in their workflow and in-app guidance to walk reps through complicated processes. 

Key Features:

  • AI-powered coaching and feedback 
  • In-app guidance and walkthroughs
  • Customizable template builder
  • Program analytics

Integrations:  Slack, Tableau, MuleSoft, Net Zero

4. Seismic

Seismic offers sales enablement solutions for mid-market and enterprise businesses. It is a sales content management platform that offers a content library for sales teams to manage their sales content and resources. It also provides content automation and in-context recommendations for sales reps to find sales collateral. Its meetings platform gives sellers access to recordings from previous meetings. 


Key Features:

  • Customizable content library
  • Livesend for capturing buyer engagement with shared content 
  • In-app search and in-content recommendations

Integrations: Gmail, Hubspot, Snowflake, Salesloft, Salesforce 

5. Mindtickle

Mindtickle is a sales readiness and revenue productivity platform built to offer sales enablement, training, and call insights. Users can access sales content, track sales training and seller readiness, and access sales conversations.

Key Features:

  • Sales content management hub 
  • Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs)
  • Conversation intelligence 
  • Analytics and dashboards 

Integrations: Salesforce, Dropbox, Okta, Google, IBM cloud

6. SalesHood

Saleshood sales enablement platform enables users on how to engage customers. It provides an AI coach to help onboard new reps, train reps and guide sales teams to sell effectively. With Saleshood, buyers and sellers can collaborate on both private and public websites. 

Key Features:

  • Generative AI coaching 
  • Guided selling 
  • Sales content analytics and audit 
  • Digital sales rooms 

Integrations: Microsoft Dynamics, Power BI, Slack, Tableau, Dropbox Business

7. Showpad

Showpad eOS is an AI-powered sales enablement platform that supports collaboration between sales, marketing, and revenue teams. It helps businesses equip sellers with enablement training and content to engage buyers in meaningful conversations. 

Key Features:

  • Sales content management platform 
  • 3D/360 immersive showrooms for buyer engagement 
  • AI-powered coaching and training effectiveness tools 
  • AI-generated insights and visualizations 

Integrations: Salesforce, Slack, Marketo, Gmail, Outlook 

8. Confluence 

Confluence is an enterprise content management system (ECM) software built by Atlassian.  It supports centralized knowledge management, project collaboration, and company-wide communication to connect work across teams. 

Confluence also provides flexible workspaces and customizable strategy planning templates. For efficient project collaboration, Confluence allows team members to work in real time on the same document. 

Key Features:

  • Built-in Jira integrations
  • In-app alerts and notifications
  • Advanced and intuitive search 
  • AI-powered content creation

Integrations: Trello, Dropbox, Figma, Google Drive, Gliffy 

9. GetAccept

GetAccept sales enablement platform combines a digital salesroom, deal room, and contract room to enable the sales team to access sales materials, live chat with buyers, collaborate with other internal teams and external partners, and create customer contracts using interactive branded templates. 

Key Features:

  • Sales content management 
  • Configure, price, quote (CPQ)
  • Tracking and analytics 
  • In-app notifications and reminders 

Integrations: Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Slack, Gmail

10. Paperflite

Paperflite is built to help marketing and sales teams manage their sales content on its sales enablement content management platform. Users can access sales materials, build custom microsites, and track prospect engagement with sales content and websites. 

Key Features:

  • Live engagement tool that notifies reps when sellers engage with sales content
  • Customer engagement analytics 
  • Contextual queries and information search 
  • Email attachment tracker

Integrations: Eloqua, Hubspot, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive

11. Membrain

Membrain is a sales effectiveness platform for B2B sales with solutions for sales coaching, strategy optimization, and process execution. It offers three distinct products to support specific sales workflows: prospecting, active pipeline, and account growth. Popup lessons can also be enabled to provide ideal recommendations on sales content and strategy and ensure that reps are educated on the proper steps to take. 

Key Features:

  • Content hub
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Built-in communication and productivity tools 
  • Task automation engine 

Integrations: Zoom, Zapier, Zendesk, Google Calendar, Office 365

12. Outreach

Outreach is a sales execution platform built for sellers, sales leaders, sales operations, and front-line managers. It offers businesses ensure data governance, permissions tracking, and APIs for building personalized websites. 


Key Features:

  • Sales forecasting tool
  • Knowledge base
  • Conversation intelligence tool
  • Sales coaching/training platform

Integrations: Hubspot, Gmail, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, 6sense, Showpad

13. Bigtincan

Bigtincan is an intelligence enablement software that offers three enablement platforms: Sales readiness, Sales content, and Sales engagement. These three can be used independently or together depending on your business needs. It also offers industry-specific solutions for manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, and others.


Key Features:

  • Conversation and customer relationship intelligence 
  • Sales AI 
  • Document automation
  • Sales content personalization

Integrations: Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Outreach, Hexnode, Dropbox 

14. Guru 

Guru is an AI-powered enterprise enablement platform where users can connect all existing apps, documents, and chats to unify the business’s collecting knowledge and access it from a single platform. Getguru’s AI delivers relevant information to sales teams using in-context recommendations based on past activity. 

Guru can be used to replace legacy tools like intranets and wikis. 

Key Features:

  • Enterprise AI search 
  • AI-powered content suggestions and recommendations 
  • Collaborative content editor 
  • Customizable API

Integrations: Chrome extension, Zapier, Zendesk, Workday, Slack 

15. Allego

Allego’s is a sales enablement platform that offers peer-to-peer learning features, sales content and in-context usage recommendations, personalized experiences for buyers, and messaging intelligence. 

It provides a conversation intelligence tool that captures all conversations with buyers and allows users to analyze sales reps' performance. Sales reps can access learning resources, sales content, and more through patented mobile applications. 

Key Features:

  • Digital sales rooms 
  • Sales content management 
  • Conversation intelligence 
  • Sales coaching and learning 

Integrations: Google, Salesforce, Adobe Experience Manager, Aircall, TalentLMS

16. Salesloft

Salesloft offers four sales enablement products: Cadence, Conversations, Deals, and Forecasts. It enables users to build and nurture their sales pipeline, find insights from conversations, coach reps on engaging customers better, manage and forecast pipelines, and estimate future sales outcomes. 

It also has an AI-powered buyer engagement platform that provides conversation intelligence, intelligent search, and contextual recommendations to deliver personalized buyer experiences. 

Key Features:

  • Sales performance dashboard 
  • Call recording tool 
  • Deal intelligence platform
  • Cold email software 

Integrations: Allegrow, Genesys, Zoom Phone, Act HQ, CoffeeAI

17. Clearslide

Clearslide is built for sales, sales leaders, marketing, and customer success teams. Its sales engagement platform supports sales content management, communications between teams, and sales intelligence to enable sellers to engage with buyers effectively. Clearslide’s platform offers content management, communication tools, and customer engagement insights for reps to control the sales cycle fully. 

Key Features:

  • Sales and marketing content hub 
  • Email tracking and campaigns
  • Web conferencing 
  • Engagement analytics 

Integrations: Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Dynamics, Dropbox, Gmail

18. Klue

Klue provides a competitive sales enablement platform that enables users to automate the creation and delivery of competitive sales content like battle cards, competitor profiles, etc, on a centralized platform. It also lets users measure the impact of content on revenue, sales cycle length, win rates, and other metrics.  

Key Features:

  • Advanced search feature 
  • AI-powered sales content creation
  • Sales content management 
  • Analytics and reporting 

Integrations: Salesforce, Slack, Showpad, Hubspot, Seismic 

Features of Sales Enablement Software

Here are the features you should look out for in a sales enablement software: 

Content creation

As your business grows, you will deal with more prospects and customers who want personalized buying experiences. For customers, you’ll have to create sales content that keeps them updated about the products and services they already use. And to convince prospects, you need sales materials showing your product's value. 

With so much content to create and send quickly to customers/prospects, you’ll need sales enablement software to speed up the process. Research reveals that sales enablement content systems can accelerate content creation by 50%, enabling sales reps to respond to customers in record time by giving you access to AI-powered content authoring, free customizable content templates, multiple language translation, etc. 

SpekitAI automates the painful parts of content creation so you can move, create, sell, and enable 10x faster. It allows you to instantly generate baseline content for playbooks, tool definitions, sales scripts, and more.

Turn a single sentence into a revenue-generating script with SpekitAI

Analytics and reporting

After implementing a sales enablement strategy, it is important to monitor its progress to see where it falls short and is effective. But sales enablement has so many aspects that need to be monitored. You’ll have to keep track of sales content effectiveness, sales training progress of reps, customer engagement, tech stack adoption, and usage. 

The best sales enablement software offers customizable analytics and reporting dashboards to help you track the progress of all sales enablement efforts, making it easier for you to iterate and improve your strategy. 

Training and coaching tools

If you’re trying to maintain a continuous learning culture in your organization, regularly training and coaching employees is a must. You’ll need tools that make it convenient for you to deliver sales enablement training and for sales reps to receive it. 

Track sales training and coaching effectiveness using Spekit’s real-time analytics

Sales enablement software helps you create and organize sales training that’s accessible from anywhere in minutes. It also guides employees through new processes and tools with step-by-step walkthroughs, analyzes employees' retention rates through in-app quizzes, and tracks learning engagement/progress with real-time analytics.

If you use Spekit’s employee onboarding and training platform, you’ll have access to everything you need to deliver successful sales training and coaching from start to finish. 

Collaboration tools

Fostering cross-functional collaboration amongst all customer-facing teams ensures everyone is working towards the same goal. Your sales team does not work in isolation. They need sales materials from marketing and also give marketing customer feedback to help them improve sales content. The sales team also exchanges customer data with the customer support team to receive feedback. 

The interdependency of teams requires you to encourage continuous collaboration. Sales enablement software typically comes with collaboration platforms where all teams can communicate, understand task dependencies, share feedback, and stay on track with each other’s progress. 


With a sales enablement app, you can centralize all other software your teams work with, giving them instant access to every tool they need to accelerate the sales pipeline. This software integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, marketing automation platforms, email communication and productivity tools, social media platforms, e-commerce platforms, and even payment gateways. 

Robust integration allows you to expand your enablement beyond apps available in Chrome. This helps sales enablement teams to leverage data from various sources and automate workflows, creating a seamless selling experience for sales reps and a great customer buying experience. 

Browser extension

Most teams now work online through browsers like Chrome. Sales enablement software is being built with that in mind and now comes with a browser extension functionality that allows users to access the software via various browsers. An example is Spekit’s Chrome Extension, which enables sales reps to surface sales content, training, knowledge, playbooks, and more via Chrome. 

Embed playbooks, knowledge, and resources in Chrome extension

With Spekit’s browser extension, you can make your revenue plays, sales training and onboarding, and entire knowledge base accessible from anywhere in Chrome. Sales reps can surface all these resources whenever and wherever needed. 

Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a central repository for storing all sales assets and managing access and sharing internally and externally. Without a knowledge base, all your sales materials would be scattered across multiple content management systems, creating operational inefficiencies. The sales team would have to search multiple repositories to find what they need or create sales content, slowing down deal acceleration. 

Have a single centralized source of truth for your sales reps with Spekit Knowledge base

With a knowledge base like Spekit’s, you can build a centralized content repository accessible from anywhere and anytime. You can keep track of sales content usage and engagement, leverage easy-to-read dashboards to identify sales materials that need updating, and manage users, settings, permissions and analytics from one place. 

In-app alerts and announcements

A sales team's daily workflows involve prospecting, leading generation, engaging existing customers, preparing sales agreements, and more. Between handling these tasks and sometimes being on the road, they simply don’t have the time to check company messages and alerts. 

Communicate changes in real-time with Spekit’s Spotlights.

Many sales enablement software now have in-app alerts and announcements so that sales reps can instantly be notified of time-sensitive changes, announcements, and new resources in their workflow. Spekit’s Spotlights even enable users to target announcements to reach specific people, such as new hires, country-specific teams, etc. Spotlights also allow you to drive accountability with real-time analytics on who has dismissed or engaged with your announcement. 

Benefits of Sales Enablement Software

Sales enablement can grow your business in many ways. Here’s how

Increased sales productivity

According to Forbes, sales enablement technology contributes 55% of sales productivity growth. The core of empowering sales teams with sales enablement software is for them to have access to every resource they need through a single platform, making it easier for sales reps to find the information they need, respond faster to prospects and clients, learn on the job, and work with other teams. 

On the technical side, sales enablement software can be integrated with other tech stacks they work with, eliminating the need for manual updates. By providing automation, this software improves sales reps' efficiency and productivity. 

Better sales content management

Inefficient sales content management scatters sales content across various content management systems. This makes it hard for sales reps to find the content they need and even harder to monitor sales content usage, determine what content needs updating, and perform content audits. With poor sales content management, you risk giving prospects/customers outdated information irrelevant to them. 

Sales enablement software provides a centralized CMS that stores all sales materials on a single platform. On average, your business may deal with up to 1400 sales assets. A CMS lets you keep track of everything, ensuring you always have control over sales content. 

Data-driven insights

Sales enablement strategy can be segmented into sales content management, sales training, and building a sales tech stack. Customized analytics can help you stay on top of every aspect of your sales enablement strategy. 

Real-time analytics allow you to see the effectiveness of sales content, content that needs to be scrapped, and content that should be updated. For sales training/coaching, you can see what training methods work best for your sales reps, identify training gaps, and assess retention rates. These data-driven insights are how you evaluate your overall sales enablement strategy and make improvements. 

Enhanced collaboration and communication

Three-fourths of companies maintain sales-marketing alignment and encourage collaboration and communication between sales and other teams. For example, sales can work with the product team to better understand the product’s functionality, value offering, and selling points, enabling them to deliver more customized sales pitches and collect feedback that could inform the product team's work from prospects. 

By providing a centralized communication and collaboration platform where the resources that every team uses are accessible, sales enablement software allows teams to easily share information with each other and work together toward a single goal. 

Scalability and flexibility

Business growth requires flexible processes that can scale to meet growing customer needs. Sales enablement software is designed to accommodate customer and employee growth seamlessly while maintaining optimal performance and effectiveness of processes. 

Improved customer engagement and satisfaction

73% of customers say customer experience guides their purchasing decision. Sales enablement software improves customer engagement satisfaction in many ways: 

  • Prospects receive personalized content that addresses their pain points 
  • Consistent messaging that builds trust and credibility with customers 
  • Timely communication that enables reps to respond promptly to customers and nurture relationships
  • Business access to data-driven insights on customer behavior, preferences, and engagement metrics
  • Sales reps easily receive resources and training to help them sell better to customers

The combination of these factors facilitate meaningful interactions with customers leading to higher customer engagement and satisfaction. 

How to Choose a Sales Enablement Platform

Here’s how you can choose a sales enablement platform aligned with your business needs: 

Understand the problem you're trying to solve

No sales enablement software is equal. An enablement software may have great sales content management functionality but poor sales training features. You should start by identifying the sales enablement gap you’re trying to fill. Do you want to build a centralized content platform or upskill and continuously onboard reps? 

Understanding the problem you’re trying to solve enables you to clarify the features and functionality needed to achieve your goal. Of course, you don’t always have to do a functionality trade-off. A sales enablement software like Spekit is designed to accommodate all your sales enablement features and tools needs, so you don’t have to use multiple enablement platforms. 

Identify the users

You’ll need to determine if revenue enablement managers, sales teams, sales and marketing, or the entire organization will use the sales enablement software. This will help you estimate cost, scalability requirements, and the number of licenses needed. Identifying the users also ensures you select software that meets the teams' needs. 

Evaluate compatibility with existing tools

If you’re going to use the sales enablement software alongside other business tools like CRMs, HR software, or Enterprise SSO, you should evaluate its compatibility with your existing tech stack. Check the software’s integration capabilities to see if it accommodates your tech stack. 

Set up Slack integration in minutes with Spekit 

For example, if your sales team conducts daily communication and collaboration via Slack, you should choose a sales enablement software like Spekit that integrates seamlessly with Slack. With Spekit’s Slack integration, you can embed your entire knowledge base and other resources your teams need in Slack so they can access everything they need without having to leave Slack. 

Consider organizational fit

A sales enablement software being popular or working for other organizations does not guarantee it will be a great fit for yours. Consider your team's workflows, delivery methodology, and processes, and evaluate what automation your employees need to work better. 

Choose software that aligns with how your employees are already used to working to encourage faster implementation and adoption. 

Conduct thorough research and demos

After considering the software feature gap you want to fill, compatibility with the existing tech stack and what parts of your sales enablement strategy you want to improve, you’ll probably have a list of sales enablement software whose value offering meets your needs. You might be tempted at this point to select one and implement it simply, but that could be a huge mistake. 

Conduct more research on the software by checking user reviews on sites like G2 and Capterra to evaluate the practical functionality of that software and see alternatives. You can also request and watch product demos to ensure the sales enablement software features work how you need them to. 

Choose the Best Sales Enablement Platform

Now that you know how sales enablement software can help you achieve your business revenue goal, what features to look out for, and how to choose an enablement software, you probably have a list of software that seems to align with your business needs. 

If you want to use a sales enablement platform that will help you achieve 100% effectiveness of your enablement strategy while being flexible enough to accommodate business growth, use Spekit. Spekit offers enablement that works where you work, simplifying the day-to-day workflow of sales reps.  It’s the only sales enablement platform that delivers sales content, materials and resources into the flow of work of sales teams, driving their productivity through the roof.

Samantha Luke,  Director of Training and Support at The ALS Association, says, “With Spekit, enablement is transformed from an event or a destination to a living, breathing, connected component of the employee experience.” 

Sales enablement does not have to be complicated. With Spekit, you’ll give your sales reps a new enablement experience designed to unlock their potential by eliminating the distance between them and the resources they need to sell better. Your reps will achieve 20% higher rep quota attainment, 69% more time selling, and 50% ramp time. 

Ready to take your sales enablement to the next level?

 Visit Spekit to learn more.

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