How an Enterprise Real Estate Company Saves Time and Boosts Efficiency With Spekit

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The problem

Rolling out Salesforce to a fast-growing, remote team while driving adoption and maintaining productivity.

The solution

Spekit provided the company's employees with a seamless, in-app learning experience that was easy to access and use - providing process guidance without the need to leave their flow of work.

Rapid growth and strained resources call for a move to technology

This company, a Fortune 500 global real estate company, includes over 200 corporate offices, operations in more than 80 countries, and a global workforce of nearly 100,000.

The team kicked off a period of rapid growth after a large acquisition. Their global footprint traveled farther than it ever has before in a relatively short amount of time, resulting in new employees, customers, and opportunities. This dramatic transformation presented a growing need for rapid employee onboarding and integration of new team members.

Complexity brings a need for structure

The company has a complex Salesforce org. They not only use Spekit as their Salesforce CRM, but also for Project Management, Resource Management, Billing and Invoicing of customers. Upper management has long stressed the need for technical documentation on their org in the form of a data dictionary where data field attributes can be documented and defined, including details like who populates the fields, what various values in pick-list fields mean, etc.

“Data quality is a big priority for our company to ensure the impact of this transformation can be measured,” said the Senior Vice President of IT Solutions.

The problem with keeping this information in Excel is that there’s no true version control, and it’s all but impossible to know who currently holds the most up-to-date copy.

“What I loved most about Spekit is that I could start with any record in Salesforce and go through each field one by one, through the lens of an end-user, and create Spekit training content in Spekit right from within Salesforce,” said the Training and Documentation Specialist.

Spekit provides a single source of truth that saves time, boosts productivity and streamlines comprehension

“The initial setup was painless. After about an hour of the Spekit team walking us through onboarding, the creation of company-specific content began,” said SVP of IT Solutions.

Because of the complexity of the organization's applications, the team decided to start with Sales Management, documenting items such as leads, opportunities, and accounts.

To address the major onboarding and training needs required to make this digital transformation a success the team  hired a Training and Documentation Specialist.

It took the team about three weeks to build out the Sales Management content enough to share it with end-users. They decided to start with a focus group for testing and feedback before rolling out division-wide. The feedback from the focus groups after rolling out Spekit was a home run for the team.

Spekit continues to drive digital transformation as new employees join and new processes are introduced

“Spekit is essential to reinforcing processes and helping to ensure data integrity. It’s also been a critical change management component to communicate important system updates and changes,” said the Training and Documentation Specialist.

Since implementing Spekit, the team has continued to grow and relies on Spekit to provide crucial in-app guidance, at their employee’s fingertips.