How Greenlight Guru Streamlined 6 Software Rollouts in a Quarter with Spekit.

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The problem

When Aaron Clark stepped into his new role as Greenlight Guru’s Revenue Systems Enablement Manager, he inherited a robust and growing tech stack, including Outreach, Salesforce, Seismic, Lessonly, Postal, and more. He was tasked with rolling out six new systems in Q3, with the goal of full adoption by the end of Q4. That’s when he caught wind of Spekit. A tool the Greenlight Guru team had initially purchased with plans to roll out only the following January, after he had implemented the other tools. After watching a demo however, Aaron quickly realized that by rolling out Spekit first, he could hit his tool adoption goals three to four months earlier. In other words, Spekit shifted from being “another tool in his tech stack” in his mind to “the tool to make rolling out the rest of my tech stack easier”.

Aaron built an extensive content map in Google Sheets to outline the resources needed for the new systems. Still, he knew creating training materials in Google Docs and placing them in scattered folders was inefficient. He also knew from experience that 30-minute training meetings were ineffective for information retention and ate up critical time on everyone’s calendar.

SDRs and AEs were already having difficulty accessing the information they needed, and admins were complaining about inconsistent data within apps like Salesforce due to a lack of process training. Additional tools with new processes would only exacerbate this issue. Enter Spekit.

“Our sales reps love Spekit because within 30 seconds to a minute, if someone shares a best practice or process change in Slack, I turn it into a Spek and reps can quickly access that information and use it themselves.” Aaron Clark, Revenue Systems Enablement Manager at Greenlight Guru

The solution

Software Training & Adoption

Instead of time-intensive training sessions, Aaron can create a quick start guide as well as easily searchable content cards called “Speks” for each new tool. Aaron sends these guides which include pre-recorded videos and step-by-step instructions to reps to consume on their own so they can come to team meetings prepared with questions, making time spent in meetings more impactful for everyone.

If a team member needs to refresh their memory on any process, they no longer have to search through messy Google Drives. Sales reps can easily search for needed information with Spekit’s Slack integration and Google Chrome extension. Alternatively, reps can access contextual content by hovering over embedded Speks directly in their most frequently used apps.

Now, instead of AEs having to frantically search for demo links before calls, they can quickly find what they need seconds before their next meeting, leading to less time asking questions and improved productivity across teams.

Change Management

Before Spekit, Aaron found process change announcements were getting lost in Slack. With Spekit, SDRS and AEs don't have to leave their native workflow when they are training in a new system. The admins at Greenlight Guru communicate changes with Spotlights, contextual pop-up notifications used for communicating announcements, process rollouts, and new features, that outline how and why a process has changed. Then, team leads can check Spekit analytics to understand which reps have viewed them.

Additionally, when changes are communicated via Slack, Aaron can use the Slack integration to easily turn the message into a Spek without leaving the app.

"It is not fun creating word docs – Someone might edit it by mistake or not have access to it. With Spekit, creating content is super intuitive. You can embed quizzes and videos to really teach people but you can also entertain them with gifs and stuff to have fun with it." Aaron Clark,Revenue Systems Enablement Manager at Greenlight Guru

Software Implementation

Aaron got Spekit up and running in just two weeks. He finds that creating training content in a Spek is more seamless than creating a Google Doc and adding videos, gifs, and other interactive content to training materials has never been easier. And, unlike a Google Doc, Speks allow for two-way communication that enable Aaron to gauge reactions to training materials at glance with emoticons and comments.

“I was able to get Spekit up and running within 2's such an intuitive app and it's so much fun to use that I just kept wanting to keep playing with it.” Aaron Clark, Revenue Systems Enablement Manager at Greenlight Guru

Thanks to Spekit, Aaron was able to hit his goal and roll out six sales tools including, Clari, 6Sense, Seismic, Chili Piper, and Outreach in just one quarter. Having clear processes has positively impacted the organization in several ways:

  • Faster onboarding and ramp time: Greenlight Guru sales reps have up to 15 tools they need to learn when they are hired. The old training process that paired new reps with tenured AEs disrupted everyone's productivity. With contextual learning, reps can go from Day 1 to fully ramped in just 4 weeks compared to 3+ months.
  • Time saved across teams: With Spekit, users are getting back at least an hour a day due to less technology training meetings.
  • Decrease in repetitive questions: Because contextual information follows sales reps around their native workflow, admins have found a decrease in repetitive questions, freeing up even more time for the entire org.
  • More accurate forecasting data and reporting: Because processes are clearly outlined in Speks, Aaron has seen uniformity across data in Salesforce, improving the funnel process, and preventing mistakes down the road.
  • Organized training content: With Spekit, the sales team no longer has to stop their flow of work by spending minutes searching for information in disorganized Google Drive folders. Instead, Aaron created a Spek for each department with links to the most important resources by role, boosting productivity and ensuring the time spent on creating and consuming content doesn’t go to waste.
  • Knowledgeable admin: The process of creating system playbooks in Spekit has made internal software admins more knowledgeable of their revenue system processes and tools compared to enrolling in each software’s provided training.

Since the execution of tool adoption with Spekit was so flawless, Aaron has been exploring even more use cases for Spekit. He has plans to leverage Spekit to create more in-depth systems playbooks and admin system documentation, build a new hire orientation, deliver enablement, and expand to even more teams in the future.