Seismic Review and Alternatives [2024]

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Effective sales training programs powered by sales enablement software are helping 84% of sales reps reach their sales quota. 

This Seismic review shows how sales enablement software like Seismic can improve sales reps' training and onboarding effectiveness by reinforcing sales playbooks, training, content, and sales collateral to drive rep success.

It describes Seismic’s pros and cons, answers questions on Seismic pricing and features, and outlines some top Seismic alternatives for users who want a more flexible solution.

What is Seismic?


Seismic is a sales enablement platform that offers features that help sales reps close more deals. It supports sales representatives and experts by managing sales content, learning and digesting new sales information, onboarding new sales professionals, automating content creation, and improving buyer engagement. 

The Seismic platform is best for medium and large businesses rather than for small businesses. It is available as a cloud-based service and is accessible via SaaS and web-based interfaces. It’s also available as a mobile application and works on iPhones, Android devices, and iPads. 

Seismic allows businesses to boost their revenue-generating impact with project planning tools built directly into Seismic for creating playbooks and content planning and reporting features that help filter content and keep valuable content at users’ fingertips.

What is Seismic Learning?

Seismic Learning (formerly Lessonly) is a training platform for Seismic Enablement Cloud. It is built on six pillars that focus on gathering user data and input to create training content and make it available to users wherever they are. Seismic Learning manages content authoring, assignment creation, and user progress tracking on courses and their transcripts and certifications.

Seismic Review

Here’s a quick review of Seismic features and offerings. 

Seismic features

seismic feature

Seismic offers six main product features

  • Sales content management: Manage all sales content from a central location with an option to customize each content for different sales prospects and customers
  • Learning and coaching: Create interactive courses for sales coaching, including training videos that mimic real-world scenarios, and create practice questions to test sales reps' level of understanding and sales readiness
  • Buyer engagement: Create immersive content and communicate more with buyers using digital sales rooms that allow the sharing of information and insights between prospects and sales reps
  • Content automation: Automate sales content creation with many unique templates to offer buyers personalized content
  • Strategy and planning: Streamlined workflow for planning, executing, and measuring all of your sales enablement efforts

seismic dashboard

Seismic pros

  • Users can access a wide range of content templates for content creation
  • Has a digital sales room for one-on-one communication with buyers
  • Integrates with Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce

Seismic cons

  • Overkill and expensive: Many orgs (esp. SMBs) don’t need or have resources for a robust, bloated CMS. They'll waste a lot of money just to use a couple of features.
  • Painful management and administration:  Manual, tedious, tagging and categorization. SFDC integration alone requires a ton of effort both in Salesforce and on Seismic side to make work.
  • "Destination first": Hard to navigate, disconnected from yours sales reps day-to-day workflows, slow search.
  • Has limited customization, and the user interface might be complex and rigid for certain users

How much does Seismic cost?

The pricing for Seismic isn’t readily available on its website, so you have to book a demo for additional information. 

Seismic reviews

Based on online Seismic reviews, users enjoy the ability to set up deal rooms and separate sales content into categorized buckets. They also appreciate the buyer engagement feature, which allows them to view buyers' and prospects’ engagement with sales content they share with them. 

However, users struggle to gain adoption of Seismic due to the disconnected nature of the product. Most of added bells and whistles features go unused. Many find Seismic’s search function redundant, as their query returns unrelated content, and they have to manually dig for whatever they are looking for. 

Best Seismic (& Lessonly) alternatives

While Seismic is a great platform for empowering sales reps, the difficulty to set up, maintain, and low adoption rates lead sales enablement teams to look for better alternatives. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best Seismic alternatives:

1. Spekit

Spekit is a just-in-time sales enablement software designed to equip sales reps with the right content and tools to exceed their sales targets. It offers users a unified platform to centralize all of their sales content. Spekit also has in-app search functionality so that users can access sales content easily from anywhere. 

Spekit also has knowledge enablement features that surface bite-sized sales content, including sales playbooks and sales coaching content right where reps are selling. With knowledge enablement, you can train and onboard sales reps and share real-time changes and updates to sales content, which is vital in industries where sales trends are always changing.

Spekit supports AI content creation, speeding up the entire content creation process, from ideation to delivery. With over 100 out-of-the-box templates, Spekit ensures your sales team is ready to deliver personalized and informed content to prospects at every point. 

spekit page

Key features:

  • Spekit AI: Spekit AI instantly generates content for sales playbooks and scripts and edits the grammar in existing sales content, freeing up more time for sales reps to do the actual selling
  • Speks: Use Speks to upload bite-sized in-app training content for users right when they need it, addressing information overload
  • Knowledge base:  Knowledge base is a centralized knowledge platform for consolidating all sales content, making it accessible to users
  • Enablement analytics: Analyze sales content and check the effectiveness of training data in real-time for future improvements
  • Knowledge checks:  Create and upload short quizzes with Knowledge Checks to track sales reps' knowledge retention and  strengthen the understanding of new training information as well as changes in the sales process or workflow
  • Spotlights: Spotlights power in-app alerts that notify sales reps of time-sensitive changes and updates that are critical to the success of their sales
  • Smartsend: Smartsend allows reps to share the right content with prospects and track how they engage with this content for timely follow-up

Visit Spekit to learn more

2. Highspot

higspot logo

Highspot is a sales enablement platform designed for coaching sales reps. It supports content management so reps can access sales content and see how it performs before sharing it with prospects. 

However, sales reps cannot search for a single piece of information and have to go through a list of content to find the right one, which may slow down their sales process. So, users may want to try out other Highspot alternatives if searchability is important to them.

higspot learning

Key features:

  • Sales content management
  • Sales play and playbooks to prepare sales reps for different selling scenarios
  • Digital sales rooms to engage with prospects
  • Onboarding training programs for sales reps training

3. Mindtickle

mindtickle logo

Mindtickle is a sales readiness platform focused on helping businesses drive revenue growth. It has prebuilt program templates that can be customized for sales rep onboarding and training and ready-to-deploy programs with pre-made content on common sales needs, such as selling skills and sales competencies.

Mindtickle also offers an Integration platform as a service (IPSaaS) for integration with users' business tools.

Mindtickle asset

Key features:

  • Sales enablement and training to boost sales rep knowledge
  • Sales content management
  • Sales coaching to optimize performance and manage skill gaps
  • Sales forecasting to provide insight into sales pipeline health

4. Showpad

Showpad is an AI-powered sales enablement platform that facilitates cohesion between sales and revenue teams. It aims to provide sales reps with more valuable content for their sales journey. 

The digital app also supports product showcases as 3D images with 360-degree rotation. Showpad has pre/configured integration with SAP, Salesforce, Outlook, and 62 other applications. It also gives users access to an open API that could be used in their workflows.

Showpad dashboard

Key features:

  • Showpad eOS for content centralization and management
  • Shared space for speeding up the sales cycle
  • Showpad Coach to sales reps onboarding and training 
  • Showpad analytics and insights

Read more here: Showpad vs Seismic vs Highspot 

5. Mediafly

mediafly logo

Mediafly is a revenue enablement platform that supports buyer engagement, value selling, and revenue intelligence. Mediafly integrates with applications such as Salesforce, SAP, and Microsoft 365, enabling team collaboration from one interface—Mediafly. 

Mediafly also has a digital sales rooms feature and supports video selling for sharing personalized videos with prospects and buyers. It also has a content management and governance feature but doesn't have one for creating sales content. 

Mediafly goals

Key features:

  • Conversation intelligence for recording, transcribing, and analyzing sales calls
  • Video selling for recording and sharing videos with prospects
  • Seller effectiveness tools for managing sales content and delivering this content anywhere for sales reps 
  • Digital sales rooms to collaborate with buyers

6. ClearSlide

ClearSlide logo

Clearslide is a sales engagement platform that focuses on helping sales reps close deals. It supports content management, buyer-seller communication, and sales intelligence. 

Clearside enables centralized communication across all communication channels, including in-person meetings. Every team can share insight into leads' progress and customer health by centralizing engagement.


Key features:

  • Sales and marketing hub for organizing sales content
  • Web conferencing feature for buyer-seller communication and webinars
  • Real-time live engagement feedback for insight into buyer engagement levels during  meetings and calls
  • Engagement dashboards for sales team support

7. Allego

Allego is an AI-powered revenue enablement platform best suited for hybrid sales teams. It supports sales rep training and upskilling, as well as buyer-seller interactions. 

It features a digital sales room for one-on-one meetings with prospects and conversation intelligence that mines the conversation during these meetings for valuable sales coaching moments. 


Key features:

  • Peer-to-peer learning for engagement 
  • Conversation and messaging intelligence 
  • Digital sales rooms for engaging buyers
  • Sales content management 

8. Bigtincan

Bigtincan is a customer-facing sales enablement platform for retail sales enablement. It supports delivering interactive sales coaching on the retail floor with a social feed that sales reps can access to get the latest company news.  

Bigtincan also supports content display in audio, graphic, and video formats. It also has drag-and-drop functionality for content uploads. Bigtincan also supports measuring sales reps' effectiveness with a dashboard that shows the best performers. 

Bigtincan automation

Key features:

  • Dashboard for reporting content engagement, task progress, and completion by sales teams
  • Interactive product presentation with 3D models
  •  Customized virtual showroom 
  • Mobile-first bite-sized training and coaching


outreach logo is an AI-powered sales execution platform designed to improve sales workflows by helping businesses build structured and aligned sales processes. It supports sales reps by offering them sales management tools such as playbooks and sample sales sequences. also has analytics features that help sales teams uncover high-quality sales deals to focus their resources on. 

Outreach dashboard

Key features:

  • Conversation intelligence for real-time in-meeting sales enablement
  • Pipeline management for identifying and eliminating gaps in the sales pipeline
  • Prospect and account management 
  • Deal management and insight

10. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform designed to help businesses improve their customer experience. It combines automation technology with artificial intelligence to automate the sales process right from scheduling meetings to forecasting the next steps to be taken by sales reps. 

SalesLoft also offers CRM integration with applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Hubspot. 

SalesLoft deals

Key features:

  • SalesLoft analytics for uncovering sales information 
  • AI-powered workflow creation
  • Conversation intelligence for recording, transcribing, and analyzing sales calls
  • Deal intelligence and pipeline visibility

11. DocSend

DocSend is a deal negotiation tool that provides sales reps with the information they need when they need it. With DocSend, users can share documents and still update them after they have been sent. 

DocSend supports different file types, from PDF to DOCX, PPTX, keynotes,  audio, images, videos, and spreadsheets. It also has analytics features that show how buyers engage with the documents you share with them so you can follow up on buyers who have shown interest. 

dropboxDocSend dashboard

Key features:

  • Page-by-page document analytics 
  • Content library as a default file storage on DocSend
  • Multi-file upload feature
  • Unlimited eSignatures for documents (only available to Standard and Advanced tier subscribers)

Choose the best Seismic alternative 

Several sales enablement platforms are available today, but not all offer the tools you need to grow your revenue seamlessly despite the scale of your business. If you want a flexible sales enablement platform that caters to all sizes of business and focuses on sales rep training and revenue generation, then you should try Spekit—the best Seismic alternative. 

Spekit brings sales and revenue teams together and equips them with the knowledge they need to achieve their targets. 

Spekit manages your content and has AI capabilities for creating new sales content in record time. With the Spekit AI feature, sales reps can always create personalized messages for prospects. Spekit also makes in-app learning easy with a Speks feature that embeds bite-sized content in the apps sales reps use. 

If you’re looking for a platform that covers everything your sellers need—training, in-context recommendations, trackable content, out-of-the-box sales templates, and more, try Spekit. 

Get Started with Spekit