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The problem

Addigy is an Apple device management startup with a growing sales team. After COVID forced their team into remote work, Addigy needed to virtually train and enable new and existing sales reps on product and process information.

Before Spekit, most of this information was inaccessible legacy knowledge. Addigy tried to find ways to share this knowledge and created an enterprise wiki based on Confluence and Google Workspace. But:

  • They still struggled to break down information silos
  • Creating and maintaining content took too much time and wasn’t scalable
  • There wasn’t an easy way to share or access content to support effective training and change management
  • They continued to get frequent, repetitive questions from reps, and processes weren’t consistently followed

Addigy needed a solution that would allow them to:

  • Easily document product and process information
  • Use their documentation to support virtual onboarding
  • Streamline access to resources to support ongoing enablement and change management initiatives

They found their way to Spekit.

The solution


During the evaluation process, Addigy compared Spekit and Guru. Spekit won Addigy over with its unparalleled support for Salesforce, including Spekit’s:

  • Unique code-free, one-click Salesforce integration
  • Chrome extension, which allows reps to access training and enablement directly in Salesforce
  • Embedded knowledge and native support for Salesforce metadata, like fields and picklist values


Documenting their siloed knowledge was a critical part of Addigy’s implementation process. To reduce the amount of time and effort spent on content creation, Addigy:

  • Took advantage of Spekit’s free customizable content for Salesforce and other common sales tools
  • Shared existing long-form documentation with the Spekit Content team, who transformed it into easily accessible, bite-sized Speks
“We had a 100+ slide deck that included our battle cards. The content was great, but it was hard for reps to find the deck, and then they had to hunt through all the slides for the information they needed. Now, reps can quickly search for the competitor in Spekit, and it brings up the exact resource with the intelligence they need.”

How Addigy uses Spekit

Addigy uses Spekit to support their sales team with a just-in-time approach to onboarding, ongoing training, and change management:

  • Bite-sized Speks help reps ramp quickly during the onboarding process
  • Embedded Speks provide enablement and guidance directly in Salesforce and the Addigy platform
  • Spotlights communicate product and process changes in the flow of work and most impactful time
  • The Spekit sidebar empowers reps to self-serve resources and documentation within any web-based application

Addigy also uses Spekit to support their admins and subject matter experts:

  • Spekit’s Slack integration empowers subject matter experts to document and answer repeat questions with a Spek directly in Slack
  • Admin filters make it quick and easy to identify all Speks that match a certain field and update them with bulk actions
  • Dashboards show which Speks are most popular, which are stale and in need of a refresh, and who’s actively using Spekit
“In other tools, dashboards throw a lot of data at you, but there’s no story to it. With Spekit’s dashboards, I get information I can act on to actually improve the organization and our use of Spekit.”

With Spekit, Addigy empowers reps to self-serve training and enablement. Spekit enables them to contextually deliver process guidance at the moment of need, directly in the flow of work. And the sales team loves it.

“Employees think Spekit is genius. They don’t need to hunt for answers in a giant wiki anymore — they can just use Spekit, no matter what page they’re on in Salesforce, or if they’re in Slack or a different app. They like it so much better than having to search for answers in a completely separate tool.”

Since implementing Spekit, the Addigy team has:

  • Overcome siloed knowledge by documenting it in Spekit
  • Reduced the amount of time spent on onboarding, answering questions, and communicating changes
  • Increased employee productivity and performance
  • Improved the quality and cleanliness of their Salesforce data

Building on success

Addigy and Spekit have built a strong partnership over the past three years.

“The partnership with Spekit is one of the strongest I’ve been a part of. From implementation to ongoing technical and strategic support, Spekit has delivered a great customer experience.”

To build on their success with Spekit, Addigy plans to:

  • Use dashboards to monitor usage and encourage further adoption across the company
  • Incorporate more cross-functional documentation — like marketing campaign overviews — into embedded Speks in Salesforce
  • Open up content creation to more subject matter experts
  • Reinforce training on new tools to maximize their adoption

Since initially rolling out Spekit to the sales team, Addigy is now introducing Spekit to other parts of the organization. Today, almost every department uses Spekit in some way.

As we always say: when it comes to Spekit, the more the merrier!