How Deel increased crucial communication engagement by 42% with Spekit.

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The problem

Deel is an all-in-one global talent platform that enables companies to hire, manage, and pay workers. It helps its customers with compliant contractor hiring, outsourced agency-of-record models, global payroll, and hiring employees in countries where they do not have entities.

Like many fast-growing companies, Deel was constantly dealing with ever-changing internal policies, processes, and external factors such as economic uncertainty. It was using an ineffective combination of software and time-consuming live training sessions to manage its internal change management, onboarding, and ongoing training.

As a result, company leaders dealt with a loss of productivity and effectiveness in their teams and an increase in repetitive questions. Deel needed a way to overhaul its training processes with effective change management.

The solution

The Opportunity

Fast-growing companies often need a way for their revenue-facing teams to keep up to date with the latest processes and product information.

How do they...

  • Designate a single source of truth?
  • Create efficiencies with training and tool adoption?
  • Roll out an efficient change management process at scale?
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In the case of Deel, it needed a solution to streamline Salesforce change management. It was able to do this with Spekit.

“Spekit has been a game changer in terms of increasing our visibility on content and communications engagement. By utilizing Spekit, we’ve been able to make data-driven decisions to inform how, what, and when we launch internal enablement initiatives.”

    Lizze Brockman, Senior Product Enablement Manager at Deel

Single source of truth at sellers’ fingertips
Deel stores everything in Spekit, from product information, workflow guides, FAQ, and key updates/announcements. The content in Spekit is easy to update by designated experts, meaning all of the latest information is stored in one place without the worry of others overriding content. The FAQ eliminate sales reps’ need to constantly reach out to managers or their peers.

Contextual Salesforce training
Spekit’s just-in-time learning platform allows Deel to embed Speks (customizable bite-size pieces of information) directly into Salesforce, meaning sales reps are able to view definitions, processes, and policies in context, without leaving their flow of work. Just-in-time learning helps give employees the tools they need to be more productive and confident in their knowledge.

Communicating process changes
Deel can communicate any organizational process changes via Spotlights (timely, contextual popups). Spotlights can be customized by role, the end user’s URL, and other variables to ensure team members receive only relevant information.

Training feedback loop
The team can analyze engagement with new process changes by creating knowledge checks (short quizzes or pulse checks that are embedded in the flow of work). This has been a quick and easy way to create a positive two-way feedback loop between admins/knowledge-check creators and viewers/employees.

Unlike more traditional long-form assessment methods that seek to “certify” knowledge or hit a training completion goal, knowledge checks are used as a form of learning that increases the efficacy of the training, improves retention of the key concepts communicated in that training, and drives greater productivity and understanding as a result.

This has resulted in...

  • 42% increased engagement with key communications and updates.
  • 15% less time spent searching for key processes and questions.
  • 10% increased efficiency for training content production and launch.

Considerations for customers who are looking to simplify Salesforce change management.

Think of it as a “recipe” for change with four key steps:

Have a clear understanding of where your organization is. What tools and skills do you have to drive the change you’re seeking? At this point, get executive buy-in, set up your change management team, and perform a change readiness assessment.

Here’s where you follow the steps you’ve outlined in the prep phase. It’s also important to adjust and recalibrate as you’re moving through implementation because as you probably know, change is a constant. Just don’t forget to keep sight of your goals.

This is where changes are embedded into your company’s workflows and culture. Ideally, you’ll want to implement a lightweight software solution that reinforces learning and adoption in Salesforce and the other tools your teams use most. Employees forget 50% of what they learned in an hour. In-app training reduces that problem by giving Salesforce information in small, digestible chunks.

Analysis and Improvement
See how change is going. Are new processes sticking? Where are individuals and teams getting stuck? Collect feedback on Salesforce users’ Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, and Task success. Then, for change to stick, you must test new content and processes, analyze user behavior, and identify friction points.

Learn more about Spekit for Salesforce on AppExchange.