How NuVision Cut Employee Training From 7 to 2 Weeks With Spekit

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The problem

NuVision Auto Glass is a digital first, customer obsessed automotive services organization that helps global consumers ‘See Clearly, Drive Safely’. After scaling the number of completed orders and revenue by 10x in just three years, NuVision needed a solution that would allow them to train and enable new and existing employees. Before Spekit, company policies and training were scattered between outdated Google Docs with multiple versions available, Salesforce Knowledge articles, or through word of mouth. This resulted in:

  • The team struggling to efficiently learn new processes and ultimately deliver on their employee-focused company goals
  • Extensive employee training time that lasted anywhere from 6-7 weeks
  • Processing errors and missed best practices that lead to issues and delays when working with the organization’s 150 insurance partners
  • Slow compliance rollouts
  • Frustration and demotivation for both leaders and employees

After initiating new partnerships and strategic acquisitions that had very specific and unique processes, Jai Kumar, CIO and International Operations at NuVision, knew the team needed a better solution to improve learning at the company. They needed a solution that:

  • Made content creation and management easy for leaders
  • Allowed employees across the world to find compliance and process information quickly
  • Integrated into existing apps
  • Created more self-sufficient teams and freed up leaders’ time from repetitive questions and training sessions.  

That’s when they found Spekit.

The solution

Now, Spekit is the centralized training and learning hub for every functional team within NuVision, including accounting, billing, sales, data operations, QA, customer success, and field services. Employees across the organization can find tool process information for Salesforce, Quickbooks, OMEGAedi, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and SSO, as well as workplace policies, desktop troubleshooting, internal IT processes, and more without leaving the apps they use most. Plus, with Spekit Teams, each function within the business can easily find the information that’s relevant to their role, eliminating clutter and confusion.

“Employees and supervisors alike tell us that Spekit allows them to present and consume information effortlessly, and gives them the ability to look anything up, so that inter-team collaboration is seamless.”

How NuVision’s sales team uses Spekit

Jesse Duryea, Sales Manager at NuVision runs a sales team with more than 40 employees across three different time zones. His team is responsible for working with more than 150 insurance companies that have different steps when processing claims. Despite a huge amount of variations in the sales process and his team’s various working hours, he feels confident knowing that all of the information they need is available to them 24/7 with Spekit.

Instead of remembering each step in the claims process or having to ask many, often repetitive questions, sales reps can quickly search through more than 200 sales-related Speks in-app or through the Google Chrome extension without disrupting their flow of work. Having Spekit has not only made sales reps more efficient, it also saves Jesse 4-5 working days previously spent training for each process. Before Spekit, he hosted classroom-style training sessions that lasted 3-4 weeks. With Spekit, new sales reps are fully ramped within 2 weeks and only .9% of insurance claims have issues due to a decrease in human error on each call.

“Having Spekit is extremely useful for us especially when we’re dealing with billing insurance companies. Reps having knowledge and information in front of them makes my life a whole lot easier. I was spending 5-6 hours fixing billing issues one job at a time. Once Spekit came on, we probably knocked a good 30% off of our billing issues just in the first month and we continue to grow and evolve our process to the point where only .9%  of our business has issues.”

How NuVision’s data operations team uses Spekit

Anna Morales, Data Operations Manager at NuVision uses Spekit for her team of 9 to share process steps through visual screenshots with Spekit’s Rich Text Editor. Although her team is mostly tenured employees, with a growing company, processes change rapidly and she loves that she can update Speks in a manner of minutes compared to scattered legacy documentation. Her team uses embedded Speks in Salesforce which allow them to simply hover over a field and see enriched Speks with step by step processes if they need a refresher.  

“With Spekit, my team is able to easily access information and follow the step-by-step instructions. If we have a new process, we just share the link to the Spek without the need for long training sessions which makes things easier for myself and my team, especially during remote work.”

How NuVision’s customer success team uses Spekit

Pet, Nuvision’s Claims, Customer Success, Scheduling and Pendings Manager leads a team of 30 under customer success, claims, and sales support. Like sales and data operations, the CS team relies on Spekit for digestible process information. Instead of needing to have several documents open during customer calls, the team leverages Spekit to provide excellent customer service. Having contextual training allows employees to assist the customer in real time and avoid miscommunication. Since implementing Spekit, Pet has seen a drastic change in quality assurance scores for his team. Before, the average score was 80-85%. Now, the majority of reps have a 100% quality assurance score.

“My team uses Spekit on every call to make sure that they’ll be able to provide excellent customer service. Having easy-to-access information in front of them has really improved quality assurance scores compared to before when customer success reps relied on various Google or PDF documents.”
“I love Spekit for its affordability, ease of use, and as a CIO, keeping the fewest number of tools to increase adoption and consistency.”

Since implementing Spekit the NuVision team has:

  • Reduced training time from 7 to 2 weeks
  • Been able to rollout new processes in days, not weeks or months
  • Provided the organization with one place to “write down” process information, allowing new hires to learn at their own pace and internalize complex processes, creating more self-sufficient teams with reduced errors
  • Increased quality assurance scores by 20% on average
  • Reduce costly write-off losses by 60%
  • Supervisors save over 100 hours per month in correcting customer work orders
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Saved 1000s of hours per year on training