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Sales enablement software promises to be a powerful tool for boosting your team's performance. One of these options is GTM Buddy, a sales enablement platform that helps you enhance your team's knowledge.

But is GTM Buddy the perfect fit for your needs? 

In this GTM Buddy review, we'll explore its features, pricing, and potential drawbacks. We'll also explore alternatives to GTM Buddy, helping you find the best sales enablement software for your team.

What is GTM Buddy?

GTM Buddy is a sales enablement, marketing, and development solution designed to help customer-facing teams close more deals. 

It supports sales training and coaching by providing sales reps with interactive courses, lessons, and question sets. It also personalizes courses based on each sales rep’s knowledge and skill.

GTM Buddy offers an AI Copilot, Ask Buddy, which provides short answers to sales reps' questions based on business documents, files, previous communications in Slack, and CRM activities. It also integrates with marketing and sales applications and software like Salesforce, Slack, Hubspot, OneDrive, and MS Teams. 

GTM Buddy review

Now that we know a little about GTM Buddy, let’s explore its key features, pros, and cons in more detail.

GTM Buddy features

GTM Buddy has six main features for sales and content enablement:

GTM Buddy features
  • Content discovery: Ontology-based search feature with a contextual search engine for generating results for sales reps' search queries 
  • Content management: Import sales collateral from content authoring platforms, build a knowledge repository for sales content, and add tags to content automatically
  • Content analytics: Track how content is shared and consumed within and outside the organization with content analytics and know how it impacts revenue
  • Digital sales rooms: Share sales content with buyers and get insight into how they react and engage with your content
  • Persona intelligence: Upload the buyer persona of each key prospect and get recommendations on which sales playbooks, thought leadership articles, and case studies to share with them
  • Dynamic sales play: Create different types of sales plays with GTM Buddy sales plays templates and activate these sales plays in workflows

GTM Buddy support

GTM Buddy pros

  • Has an ontology-based search engine
  • Allows users to build fully branded microsites
  • Has a generative AI feature for producing short direct responses to sales reps queries
  • Supports guided selling for different selling scenarios

GTM Buddy cons

Some GTM Buddy users complain of the platform's poor service.

According to independent user reviews from G2, an app rating platform, here are the top drawbacks users have experienced from using GTM Buddy. 

  • The platform can be occasionally slow 
  • Content on GTM Buddy doesn’t automatically refresh when you make changes on your connected content authoring platform
  • There’s no free tier, and it’s reported to be 40% more expensive than the average sales enablement platform

The biggest drawback? While GTM Buddy can "work" in any tool, you need to install a separate integration or extension for every single app you want to use. This means managing dozens of clunky integrations that don't always work.

How much does GTM Buddy cost?

The pricing for GTM Buddy isn’t readily available on its website, so you have to contact them for additional information.

GTM Buddy reviews

Based on online GTM Buddy reviews, users enjoy the platform’s AI-driven features. They also appreciate the proactive customer service team for their responsiveness and support. 

However, some users believe the UI can still be improved for ease of use and speed. Other users also complain that they have to manually push updates since Buddy doesn’t always sync with their local drives or content authoring platforms. This means changes to documents aren’t always available when sales reps need them.

Plus, according to the  reputable review website, G2, GTM Buddy’s price is usually 40% more than the average for sales enablement platforms.

Best GTM Buddy alternatives

GTM Buddy can be helpful for ontology-based search results and recommendations. However, if you want a fast platform that eases content management with automatic content updates, you should find a better GTM Buddy alternative.

Here are some of the best GTM Buddy alternatives on the market:

1. Spekit

Spekit is a just-in-time sales enablement software designed to equip sales reps with the right content and tools to exceed their sales targets. 

Spekit supports sales with sales content management, knowledge and enablement, and tools and process adoption and focuses on making sales reps' training content accessible to them when they need it, so you won’t need a separate content management system. Spekit also supports automatic content updates, a feature that GTM Buddy lacks. 

Spekit doesn’t only focus on sales reps' training but also on helping them convert this knowledge into revenue. It centralizes sales and marketing collateral, creating an editable single source of truth for salespeople. It also supports sharing and tracking sales content to understand buyer engagement and preferences.

Spekit requires no code to set up and works in any tool. It also has over 100 premade templates and out-of-the-box content for sales reps. It also has a WYSIWYG editor that lets users edit and update content without typing complex commands. 

Any file type can be embedded in Spekit, and users can create different roles for admin, editors, and viewers to control who can access and make changes to files. For seamless use, Spekit also integrates with your popular CRM and analytics, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, okta, PingOne, and OneLogin. 

enablement workflow

Key features:

  • Smartsend: Easily share sales content with prospects and buyers with Smartsend and track which content they engage with more
  • SpekitAI: SpekitAI creates sales content, including sales plays and playbook with 10-times speed
  • Speks: Use Speks to embed bite-sized learning content and sales collateral in the tools that sales reps use for sales reps’ coaching
  • Browser extension: Increase accessibility of sales content with Spekit’s browser extension
  • Spotlights: Use Spotlights to share new information, content updates, and other time-sensitive information with sales reps
  • Knowledge checks: Test sales reps level of retention with knowledge checks that create short, in-app quizzes for sales reps
  • Analytics: Use Spekit’s analytics feature and a pre-built analytics dashboard to analyze performance by content, sales team or topic
  • Knowledge base: Store all your sales and marketing collateral in the knowledge base, creating a single source of truth for sales reps
  • Flows: Use no-code walkthroughs on flows to guide sellers through using a tool or adopting new software, or following a new or updated process

Compared to GTM Buddy, Spekit automatically works anywhere your reps are selling--eliminating the need to manage dozens of clunky integrations -

Visit Spekit to learn more

2. Highspot

Highspot is an AI-powered sales enablement platform designed for coaching sales reps. Highspot supports the creation of AI-driven sales plays and playbooks. It also integrates with popular CRM platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Dropbox.

However, Highspot's searchability is limited, so you may want to consider other Highspot alternatives for the best experience for your sales team.

Highspot learning

Key features:

  • Sales content management
  • Sales play and playbooks to prepare sales reps for different selling scenarios
  • Buyer engagement feature to track how buyers engage with shared content
  • Sales training and coaching for sales reps

3. Seismic

Seismic is an AI-powered sales enablement platform that offers features that seek to help sales reps close more deals. It focuses on providing sales and revenue teams with content that engages clients. It supports training and coaching with lessons and questions to test sales reps’ retention levels.

With its content automation feature, users can mass-produce content. Seismic users can also integrate data from their CRM to create data and charts in their sales content and monitor engagement in the content they share with buyers. 

Read further on how Seismic compares to Spekit, Highspot, and Showpad

Seismic analytics

Key Features:

  • Sales content management and content automation
  • Sales rep learning and coaching
  • Enablement intelligence for sales insights and analytics 
  • Buyer engagement feature to identify how buyers engage with different content

4. Showpad

Showpad is an AI-powered sales enablement platform that facilitates cohesion between sales and revenue teams. Its features focus on improving content management, seller effectiveness, buyer engagement, and sales analytics and insights. 

It centralizes content and sales tools so sales and revenue teams can find and distribute content. The platform also offers showrooms that support 3D visual displays and a shared space for uploading personalized content for buyers. 

showpad record

Key features:

  • Showpad content for centralizing and customizing sales content
  • Showpad coach for sales reps' onboarding and coaching
  • Analytics feature for user and prospect analysis
  • Pitch IQ for recording and improving sales pitches

5. Mindtickle

Mindtickle is a sales readiness platform that focuses on sales training and sales enablement to help businesses drive revenue growth. It delivers sales coaching to sales reps with analytics to show the number of learners on each course and their level of engagement with the course.

Mindtickle also has digital sales rooms for communicating with buyers and a conversation intelligence feature that analyzes sales reps’ communication with buyers to see buyer engagement levels. 

Mindtickle acme

Key features:

  • Customer reference management for requesting, reviewing, approving, and sharing customer reviews
  • Mutual action plans for monitoring the sales process
  • Sales enablement programs for individualized training
  • Seller-buyer insights for analyzing both sales content and buyer behavior

6. GetAccept

GetAccept is a sales enablement platform that offers businesses a digital sales room with sales content management features. It focuses on helping businesses increase their revenue by increasing their proposal acceptance rate.

GetAccept has a content library for organizing all sales collateral and a template library with prebuilt, customizable sales templates for creating sales content. It also has templates for creating buyer proposals, allowing users to create product catalogs and add pricing tables to proposals to personalize them for each buyer.

product library

Key features:

  • Ready-to-use proposal templates
  • Electronic signatures for signing contracts and documents
  • CPQ (configure, price, quote) for creating and sending personalized professional proposals
  • Tracking and analytics for monitoring buyer interaction with sales proposals

7. HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is a free CRM platform for sales enablement. It has various real-time features for tracking and analyzing sales activities, with a dashboard that gives you full visibility of your sales pipeline. HubSpot CRM also lets you track individual salespeople's performance and the performance of sales teams. 

It also helps users manage their sales pipeline and has lead management software for organizing, tracking, and prioritizing leads. The software also assigns scores to leads based on custom criteria.


Key features:

  • Real-time sales dashboard
  • Meeting scheduler that syncs with Google Calendar and office 365 and lets prospects book meeting hours
  • AI email writer for writing emails
  • Live chat software for communicating with prospects

8. Workday HCM

Workday HCM is a human resource management platform designed to help companies build an adaptive workforce through worker and skill profile management, organizational modeling, agile compensation management, and global workforce management. 

Workday HCM leverages machine learning for staff training, recommending tasks, and curating learning for employees based on how they work for them to be more productive.

Workday page

Key features:

  • Talent management for discovering and developing talent
  • Organizational management for modeling the organization
  • ML-enabled process automation
  • Insights and analytics to identify trends, risks, and opportunities within the workforce

9. Klue

Klue is an AI-powered intelligence platform for gathering insight on sales processes and go-to-market strategies. It automates the process of collecting competitive market intelligence data, streamlining analysis. 

Klue allows users to create different types of sales content from battlecards to competitor profiles, and executive dashboards. It also allows users to distribute the content across the organization so it’s accessible to everyone.

Klue homepage

Key features:

  • Intel digest to keep everyone in the organization updated on new information
  • On-demand searchable answers
  • Measure feature to track content adoption and measure its impact on revenue
  • Win-loss program for unbiased feedback

10. Allego

Allego is an AI-powered revenue enablement platform best suited for hybrid sales teams. It uses generative AI to power interactions with prospects through accurate content search and content transcription to 100+ languages. Allego also allows users to practice their sales pitches with generative AI-powered speech recognition in dialogue simulations.

allego home

Key features:

  • Generative AI-powered interactions
  • Conversation and messaging intelligence 
  • Digital sales rooms for engaging buyers
  • Sales content management 

Choose the best GTM Buddy alternative 

While many sales enablement platforms are accessible online, not every platform has the functionality needed to increase productivity and drive revenue growth significantly. 

For instance, while GTM Buddy can "work" in any tool, you need to install a separate integration or extension for every single app, reducing reps' productivity and, inadvertently, revenue. 

But if you had access to an all-in-one sales and revenue enablement platform like Spekit that automatically works everywhere your reps are selling, you could eliminate the need to manage dozens of clunky integrations and save a lot of time and money.

Spekit has every tool and feature your sales reps and revenue teams need to drive revenue growth. Its SmartSend feature allows reps to get and share the right sales content with prospects to help them close leads faster. 

With Spekit, users can use AI to make content faster, helping sales teams create materials quickly and shorten the sales cycle. Spekit also allows users to track prospects’ engagement with each piece of sales content shared with prospects with its analytics and intelligence features. According to reviews, users are thrilled with their experience on the platform and how much insight they get. 

“In other tools, dashboards throw a lot of data at you, but there’s no story to it. With Spekit’s dashboards, I get information I can act on to actually improve the organization and our use of Spekit.” — Jack Michael, Senior Salesforce Administrator.

Spekit also focuses on sales reps' coaching by embedding bite-sized training content in salespeople's apps. Spekit’s spotlights surface new resources and key announcements in sellers' workflows, ensuring that sales reps never miss a detail.

Get Started with Spekit

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